YUUTHS is a of the time, emerging menswear brand from Budapest which put on the markets high-quality designer pieces. The brand was established in 2015 by Annamaria Molnar. The maker’s main sources of inspiration are the sports, arts, innovations and the immaturity subculture.

Yuuths clothing embodies the individualism of powerful and peppy men with immaculate sense of style.

Their mission is to support men to emphasize their personality through the design and create a assorted colorful world. Their passion is to manufacture high-designed up to date pieces with dynamic cutting lines. They unmistakable powerful, energetic style with effortless individualism.

YUUTHS contrives high-designed sporty-elegant pieces with playful details, firsthand colours and unique solutions. Their products represent extravagancy and the highest reassure. They create every kinds of pieces which are quintessential to a young man’s wardrobe. YUUTHS garments are the best solution if you pleasure like to give a twist to your daily outfit. The fabrics of the accoutres are mainly natural which are easy to care. Beside the prominent design, limitless comfort is also the main feature of their accoutres, which are made of the finest materials. Yuuths is well-known in the air the extraordinary cutting lines and its characteristic details.

2016 Fall Winter Assemblage

Now, take a look at the 2016/17 Fall/Winter collection. The might inspiration of the fall/winter 16/17 collection is the volcanic rattles and its stratification. In the design the mixture of a calm, peaceful state and the development of the eruption is very significant which is manifested in the textures and the colors.

The through-provoking pave textures give a strong base of the inspirational resource which is well- represented in the diet bright mat and rough materials. In line with the brand new education the old, representative elements remained. The well-known sporty, comfortable and concomitant style give a ground for the extra details and innovative vicious lines.

The immaculate sewing quality, the high-designed details, the finest fabrics and the one inner outline generate a top drawer atmosphere.

“With my store I would like to create a world for youngsters in which they sensation careless and free-minded. My inspiration was due to living in the grey working times, so I decided to season it by colors and playfulness. For me it’s not only fashion but a business to make people happier throughout the design.” – Annamaria Molnar – the originator

These clothes are recommended to the young men who are self-expressive, open-minded and congenial the innovative, sporty design.

To learn more about YUUTHS and baulk their amazing clothes, visit www.yuuths.com