Accounted as the speaker that looks and sounds perfect in every cell, ‘Clint Audio’s latest offering to the wireless speaker retail are the Freya 2.

Freya 2 is part of the ‘Asgard’ range of wireless orators. Named after the home of Nordic gods and goddesses, the tub-thumpers design and usability are based on the godly characteristics of toughness, resolution and power:

“Freya is a petite and propitious goddess admired for her proclivity, beauty and especially her appreciation of music”

The Danish company’s mtier is to go back to basics with design and functionality and this is certainly attracted in the robust, simple and elegant look of the Freya 2.

The front grille that wraps effortlessly everywhere the cylindrical shape is striking and the colouring of the unit is entirely coeval. The front grille reminds you of the exhaust on a big American truck. With this not quite industrial design and varying colours you get the feeling that these lecturers are both masculine and feminine.

You get the colour options of Misty Conservationist, Dusty Rose, Olive Green, Marsala Red and Powdery Improper. Menstylefashion were also supplied with the special issue, Midnight Black with copper.

Wireless Speakers – Freya 2 ReviewedWireless Speakers – Freya 2 ReviewedWireless Speakers – Freya 2 Reviewed

How Does It Work?

The counter-espionage buttons are located on the top.  Although there is no specific power button, formerly initially charged you simply hold down the play/breather button for power. Nice and simple. It’s the same with the endorse connection to your device. Just hold down both tome buttons for a few seconds and you’re there.

As the speaker is searching, the front slash of indicator lights shoots horizontally up from the base of the section until a connection is made and it then lights in a solid founding. Kind of reminded me of      ’ Kit’, the car from my 2nd favourite 80’s TV series, ‘Knight Rider’ ; Turning the words, ‘Hello Michael’ to the fully leather clad Michael Hoffman, aka ‘The Hoff’. In the final analysis cool.

Once turned on a kindly yet firm sounding female audio tidings tells you that its either searching for a device or that the artifice is now connected. Connection from your phone or device is accurately plug and play. You turn the Freya 2 on let your device rumble it and you’re effortlessly connected.  Or if you’re really technophobic, Clint audio father helpfully built in an audio jack and provided the necessary jack misguide.

I share my four story town house with my genealogy of four women all of whom have varied music examines.  In my house, we have a couple of blue tooth speakers and our fundamental living area has a blue tooth connection device linked to our amp and wired in speakers.

On a Sunday we try to enforce a no TV rule and listen to our nearby radio station playing rare disco funk to quieten us in to a lazy Sunday afternoon.  On one of these Sundays I replaced my stereo lecturers with two of the Freya 2 to get a true feeling of sound in a classic shelter environment.

Wireless Speakers – Freya 2 Reviewed

The Sound

I started with Alberosie’s live side of ’International Drama’. The track goes from classical composition to Reggae in the course of a four minute track. The punchy principle intermingled with the clarity and tone required for classical music and the Reggae artful and clear with bass more than evident and with no distortion. The intact is balanced and has a real depth, given the size of the device.

Singularly, the Freya 2 is purge and punchy and the bass evident.  Perfect clarity and velocity for a loud or quiet dinner party, depending on how much volume you stress. It really was punching above its weight.

Pairing the Freya 2 is an utterly different sound. Set at the same position as my usual home keynoters and at high volume the sound is balanced and clear. You can feel the bass in your considerations rather than your body.  Kind of like plod in to a night club before it kicks off.

When walking hoop-like the house and in or out of range, the Freya 2 flawlessly connects or disconnects as press for or reports with the audio voice that you need to reconnect your cadency mark. Our recent party guests found it easy to connect, which is standard for when you have that annoying person who always necessities to DJ….

In a busy home, these speakers really work. When familiar as a single unit in a teenagers or parents bedroom, even at a low to contrivance volume the sound fills the room yet is unobtrusive to the rest of the dwelling. When paired together in a room you have fully functioning legislative body party speakers.

The Freya 2’s are perfectly sized, are light and can be far handled due to the matt paint finish. Put in a tote bag for a speaker on a careen or for a party at home the Freya 2 make the difference to any environment, both for unbroken quality and look.

The Freya 2 are certainly and eye catching choice for the numberless discerning audiophile and at a retail price of around £150.00, you’re certainly collect your money’s worth.

Wireless Speakers – Freya 2 Reviewed

Specification :

Wireless Bluetooth lecturer with built in battery (2600mAh) for up to eight hours depending on practice

Weight 1kg. Dimensions: Height 210 mm x diameter 100mm

7 Watt amplifier with DSP for most favourable sound performance

Wireless technology supported: Bluetooth (TrueWireless)

USB haven can handle up to 5v 2.4A output power

Eco save function – FREYA transfer go to auto standby if not used for 20 minutes