It was in 1981 that Jocelyne and Jean-Louis Sibuet set off on their risk in the hospitality business. Back then, it started with a unprofound boutique hotel in Megève, a winter hideaway village in the French Alps. Today, they authentication the living in their many passionate establishments. Haute Remaining has visited the legendary Les Fermes de Marie, Des Dromonts and Altapura. Each various in concept and design, but  boasting a grand living factor.

Les Fermes de Marie – Megève

Positioned in the Mont-Blanc region of Haute-Savoie, the village of Megève owes its select to its location between two rivers, derived from the Celtic confabs Mag (house) and Eva (water). Megève immediately impresses visitors with its self-possession and timeless authenticity. A bewitching charm bathes the narrow passages that lead to the village square and the church steeple with its unskilled bronze domes.  The hotel Les Fermes de Marie is laid out as a humiliated hamlet of high mountain pasture farms several centuries old, perjury in a 4-acre park in the heart of Megève. The nine interlinked chalets raise a haven. Each of the farms was dismantled, every piece of wood was copied, and then reassembled on concrete frames in line with the legacy and the traditions of the area. In this timeless retreat away from it all, the mesmerize of the decoration is only equaled by the soul of every piece of clobber and the patina of every object. The comfort of the 70 highly singular rooms and suites is based on traditional simplicity and subtle clarification, but incorporates modern life as well.

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Interior Design

The friendliness of the old wood is matched by that of an attentive and ever-personal staff. The unblemished quality and range of services on offer mark the personality of a motor hotel like no other. Here the notion of service takes on its replete meaning. Le Restaurant Traditionnel, located in the heart of the main chalet, names fresh cuisine for every season, with locally sourced ingredients, and an reliable and refined  menu, with dishes such as roasted free-range chicken with diabolical truffle cream sauce and Beaufort cheese gratin, Féra fish from adjacent alpine lakes grilled with fresh-churned butter, or the iconic dish of Les Fermes de Marie Coquillettes with truffle shavings and Sauget ham… not to acknowledgement the extraordinary dessert buffet! Besides restaurant Alpin, there is also a Spa, the most first of the Pure Altitude Spas. Its swimming pool and the 17 treatment huts provide voluptuous après-ski care, and special “well-being” continue to bes can be organized.

Hotel des Dromont – Avoriaz

Ski runs that ostensibly stretch out to infinity, an abundance of sunshine, snow fall aplenty: welcome to Avoriaz, a snowy paradise for skiers! Posed comparable to an eagle’s nest on a cliff of shale, perched high at 1800m altitude, in this milieu of stunning beauty, the alpine resort offers a full realm of incredible games for the whole family. Born of an ecological summon before its time, this carless resort where the highways are ski slopes, you connect to tribe mode and put you in tune with this revolutionary place, fully imagined for winter sports.

Nestled in the generosity of the historic Dromonts neighbourhood in Avoriaz, the Hôtel des Dromonts flair is organic, with a layout that splays out like a fan, affording wide views across the breathtaking landscape, and an innovative “tavaillon roof” line siding covered in cedar shingles, these wooden shingles are regular of Savoyard roofs, giving the hotel its signature pinecone fashion. The Dromonts’ square became the historical heart of the resort and it is unmistakably its unique atmosphere, which inspired the creation of the Avoriaz Delusion Film Festival. The festival jury deliberates there, the men find new inspiration and the paparazzi stake out the stairs to capture the celestials of the festival before the horse-drawn sleighs whisk them off to restrictive viewings in exclusive screening rooms… Among them Steven Spielberg, David Cronenberg, Brian De Palma, David Lynch, Luc Besson and numberless more.

Snow skiing in france


The legendary Hôtel Des Dromonts remains around 50 years after its creation a contemporary architectural astonished at, as breathtaking as the snowy peaks that surround it. The audacious units of varied levels and revolutionary lines are revisited in a cozy and delight spirit, enhancing the sixties design style. Everything was done to board the original spirit of the place with a focus on natural, restricted materials… Exterior shingles, a signature-style specific to the resort, gay pops of color, slate stones, the Hôtel des Dromonts incorporates modern comfort while highlighting the warm, rounded and peppy style of the sixties. The New Zealand pub lounge with its wooden walkway and large, open, chum fireplace invites guests to bask in its warmth on built-in benches, appropriating a hot chocolate or mulled wine after a day on the slopes. As for the 28 allowances and 6 suites, they have been designed as “ski chamber*” sophisticated and comfortable like a soft nest, optimized and adapted to the destitutions of the skier, in a 60s Mod style revisited in cosy fabrics and plush carpets for an buddy and functional atmosphere. The slate, prevail in the bathrooms, a final speak essential to recreating the atmosphere of the surrounding mountains.

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Altapura – Val Thorens

Starting in 1969, the superior site of Val Thorens was the setting for a grandscale, megalomaniac

Project. Its excrescence reflects the appeal of Val Thorens, the highest ski resort in Europe, which in 40 years has grace the Mecca of European skiing! At an altitude of 2300 m, Val Thorens is rightly understood for the unparalleled quality of its snow, guaranteed from November middle of May. Its location offers an impressive amount of sunshine and snowfall, is ringed by 6 glaciers and 6 peaks above 3000 m.

In the heart of the largest ski scope in the world at an altitude of 2300 m, hotel Altapura fulfills the pipedreams of winter sports enthusiasts and those who love great stretches of white. The latest equipment is available from the hotel’s Skishop by Goitschel, your reassurance pass awaits you at the reception, a ski room provides direct access onto the cambers, ski professionals present in the hotel lounges reveal legendary off-piste pustules, specific Spa treatments for sportsmen and women, photos of snowboarding, of the magnificent mountains and of course a live 360° show of the Apl s, 24/7! Connoisseurs of a non-specific way of life, appreciative of beautiful things, will fall below the spell of this 5-star hotel that offers interval and elegance, a reminder of the grand palace hotels.

The atmosphere is Nordic-chic with a lite of noble materials such as wood and stone. Altapura has its own marked style, featuring both subdued, festive, cosmopolitan and high-tech ambiences. Interactive dexterity screens, Iphone/Ipod docks plus a Mac Mini in your apartment, Altapura has wondrously incorporated new technologies into a world of confidence. Each of the 88 rooms and suites provides a haven of peace-loving with large windows looking out onto the majestic Alps. Relating to interior design, The Highest Skipalace’s surprising and majestic try is lined with more than 200 antique skis curving identical to a giant ski slope in the heart of the hotel, to the outdoor bar. Greedy snowflakes and La Laiterie are in-house restaurants where one can morsel unique cheese fondues so synonymous with these mountains.