Winter can invigorate all kinds of challenges for the well-groomed man and his freshly acquired hairstyle. Your shape has to be durable to get through the days of wind and rain.

Keep it Dream of

As stylists we’re often asked by the client, “what is the best hairstyle for the winter months”? The visible answer to this is long and thick. If it only it were that oafish!

During the winter we tend to see a shift to longer hair all about the sides and back, this is great news for both the stylist and shopper as it gives us the opportunity to create more interesting shapes and elegances on the head. Product plays an important role at this in unison a all the same of year. If you’re creating gravity defying hairstyle then you’re common to need a very strong product to maintain it in the wind and volley!

Winter Hair Styling Tips For Longer Hair

Winter Hair Styling Tips For Longer Hair

Make it Square

A fuller, squarer lengthier cut is the answer to substantial hair. Building weight up along the upper sides where the command begins to round off to allow the hair to sit square and full.

Add to this distended length around the sides and back and an extra inch or two on the top and we can produce strong masculine looking shapes that look fuller and bulkier without the need for temporary scaffolding or super strong wonderful glue type product to achieve lift and height. We let the whisker and the right product do it for us.

Winter Hair Styling Tips For Longer Hair

Apply product when hair is clamminess

The challenge with this more durable longer fraction is it is difficult to defy gravity! I suggest a routine where after sanction the shower with freshly washed and conditioned hair, towel dry, take off the hair only slightly damp.  Use a light product with a avenue hold.  Style roughly with your fingers and give outs and allow to dry naturally whilst you eat breakfast and are still in the comfort and love of the house.

Just before you leave the house, that’s the in the nick of time b soon to style your now dried hair. Apply your output to the palms of your hand and rub vigorously to create an even circulation of product. Apply the product to the entire area of your headmaster, concentrating on the roots, the mid lengths and the ends will take disquiet of themselves. This process should replicate washing your tresses, you should be concentrating on the scalp and roots. Once the product has circulated evenly and everything is standing up, use your hands or a wide toothed underwood to shape.

This process with the right length haircut intent be less inclined to be affected by the winter elements.

Winter Hair Styling Tips For Longer HairWinter Hair Styling Tips For Longer Hair

Be ahead of the incline

This is about thinking smart and listening to your stylist. Unerringly now, we are seeing the trend of dismantling the large heavy blocked quiffs that give birth to dominated the industry for the past 5 years.

This is showing itself in two ways. Firstly, lads have a lot of length on the top, versus what they have on the sides, we are appreciating a lot of elastic band type haircuts (You know who you are!). The contractile band is guaranteed to damage your hair shaft, repeatedly without chance of repair. It goes without saying this is not recommended. How, on the flip side, the longer lengths on the top are showing some large 80’s style flicks and wedges, hair that overspreads the whole head and not just the very top.

Clients are also seeking us to add more texture to the hair by deconstructing the top into manageable but quirky haircuts with course. Couple this with the removal of the big beard and it looks along the same lines as 007 has brought back that clean, suave but last analysis very stylish look with a shorter and more balanced haircut. As the parts get worse, these haircuts become more popular as today’s man looks for chichi but versatile hair with low maintenance.

Winter Hair Styling Tips For Longer Hair

Avoid the glued look

A immovable hold style is harder to maintain against the elements. Try a assorted flexi- hold messy look that will keep someone going being blown around a bit! Recent research conducted in the US which studied men around the world affirmed two things. They wanted dry involvements after applying product and for their hair not to be left inkling sticky or stiff.  There are products out there that are definitely dispersed through the hair. Therefore your hands are pink dry to the touch and because of the flexi-hold, the hair is not stiff or sticky.

Winter Hair Styling Tips For Longer Hair