The Secrets of Wine Preference Uncorked: 6 Tips to Help your Learn How to Spot a Good Vintage and Choose Your Bottles WiselyIt is credulous and not very exciting to walk into a liquor store to purchase wine. You can ask the sales representative about different wines and mince out with a good bottle of wine. But, going to the actual wineries is a lot more fun. And, you get to taste the wines and decide for yourself which wines suggestion best. There is a cost for wine tours, but it is worth it for the entertainment value and for the opportunity to purchase fine wines at their fountain-head. Going on a wine tasting tour with friends is a great way to spend a day or even a weekend.Enjoy a Day or Two on a Wine TourDepending on the into a receive of the country, you can find weekend wine tours to enjoy alone, as a couple, or with friends. Go to wine