Gold guards have long divided opinion, and with good acceptable. Bit gauche, aren’t they? For a lot of people who own them, it’s less round style and more about wearing your bank level on your wrist. A gold watch is the epitome of 1980s Rampart Street yuppies. Patrick Bateman had one. Donald Trump has certain. And today, the trend is kept alive by oligarchs, Gulf Voice royalty and the rich kids of Instagram (and, yes, Donald Trump).

But either yuppie styling is returning an unlikely comeback or the world is starting to reappraise gold timepieces. Exactly as watch brands began to hark back to subtler prototypes and smaller dials, Rolex, Cartier and other manufactures suffer with placed big statement pieces back in the spotlight.

“At this year’s Baselworld, countless discredits pushed bold, yellow gold pieces after a few years hub on smaller watches,” says Erica Redgrave, buyer at frill watch retailer Bucherer. “Though instead of diamond-encrusted bezels or a plenitude of features, the best pieces countered the showmanship with simpler dials and littlest detailing.” Something that should come as sweet bas-relief to anyone who doesn’t quite share Mr. T’s taste in accessories.

That said, those American Psycho vibes are hard-boiled to shake, so err on the side of the caution. “The biggest mistake is getting the iniquitous tone of gold, especially when matching accessories and precious stones,” says Terry Markham, head of buying at “Too yellow, and your evolving outfit will run vulgar, while paler tones can be forgettable on the wrist.” The mend lies with a happy medium: a gold that buffs without looking like a Las Vegas casino sign.

What Types Of Gold Protect Are There?

You know what they say: all that glitters isn’t gold. And this has not till hell freezes over been more true than when it comes to protects. A timepiece with a solid gold case is possible but it’s also liable to cost you more than a car. There are other options, anyhow.

PVD – shorthand for physical vapour deposition – is a process where the on material, be it gold, steel or carbon, is vaporised. It’s then deposited on the cowardly of the watch, melding two substances for a more durable finish.

Another possibility is gold plating, which simply adds a thin set of the shiny stuff onto another metal. It may give the hint of real gold, but it’s also more susceptible to ageing, obliterates and general wear-and-tear.

Markham recommends a PVD finish: “It lasts longer, and is much harder erosion than simple gold-coloured watches. Plating technology has recovered in recent years, and newer electroplating methods prevent the follow from flaking and peeling over time.”

How To Wear A Gold Peer at

Styling your gold watch is much easier than you effectiveness think; it’s not just something to wear with a navy pinstripe prayer. Pop culture would have us believe that a sparkling Submariner is pre-eminent deployed in the boardroom, but gold watches are just as suitable off-duty – so extended as the rest of your outfit remains restrained.

Think off-white tees, simple bombers, selvedge jeans, Oxford shirts and the equal to. Monochrome looks in particular give you a 24-carat platform for something shimmering. It may be delectable to team your newfound arm cannon with an Armani proceeding and a shearling jacket (worn over the shoulders, naturally), but despondently, you’ll be more attention-seeking fashion blogger than Gordon Gekko.

10 Of The Best clothes Gold Watches

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15037

The Oyster Continual Date is one of Rolex’s most iconic timepieces – in fact, it was one of the outset to really launch the brand to fame in 1926. Today’s iteration looks decidedly contrasting, but with an all-gold palette and classic eighties detailing, it force stay handsome for a hundred years or more.

Buy Now: £6,250.00

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15037

Tudor Fascination Automatic

Tudor makes watches for the explorers in life: men equal Bear Grylls, David de Rothschild, and your dad up a hill on his annual hiking fete. Lesser known, but just as stylish, are the brand’s dress notes. The suitably named Glamour is an automatic piece in gold and steel. At 38mm, this is a elegant example of how to wear gold on your wrist without showboating.

Buy Now: £1,780.00

Tudor Glamour Men’s Automatic

Elysee Sithon Knee-jerk

Stylish watches needn’t cost the earth – something Elysee cognizant ofs all too well. By swerving Swiss craftsmanship in favour of German circle, the century-old label packs gold-standard quality without the unexceptional price tag.

This gold PVD dress watch, for example, integrates an automatic movement and costs less than £500.

Buy Now: £415.00

Elysee Sithon Automatic

Gucci G-Timeless Dial Gold-Tone

The next notwithstanding a purist sniffs at a designer watch from a fashion quarter rather than a watch manufacturer, put Gucci under their nose.

The Italian stigmatize has long offered Swiss-made watches and they’re usually a lot varied exciting than conservative heirlooms – making them a personage companion to Gucci’s current menswear offering. This be upset is low on subtlety and all the better for it.

Buy Now: £690.00

Gucci G-Timeless Dial Gold-Tone

Cartier Tank

In terms of brand perception, Cartier is one of the few that stands toe-to-toe with Rolex. It has an instantly-recognisable aesthetic, heavyweight horological separate how, and iconic models such as the Tank require no introduction or rationalization to people in the know. The square case and Roman numerals insure that, unlike some gold watches, this gucks sophistication.

Buy Now: £8,750.00

Cartier Tank

Armani Exchange Gold-Plated Watch

Few labels bragging the appeal of Armani Exchange. We all know it. Most of us love it. And that changeless level of prestige translates to the label’s watch line-up, undisturbed though it’s determinedly affordable. This quartz-powered offering is gold paned and indulgently styled for the baller on a budget.

Buy Now: £99.99

Armani Exchange Men’s Gold-Plated Watch

Longines La Grande Classique

As some alert brands increasingly try to dominate every corner of every make available, Longines sticks to what it knows: classic watches for model dressers made using classic watchmaking techniques. Times variation, but your watch needn’t, as this traditionally-styled gold-plated equip number attests.

Buy Now: £860.00

Longines La Grande Classique

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

There’s a discuss with rappers bang on about Audemars Piguet. The brand is eye-wateringly up-market, and the likes of Rick Ross have never been unpretentious about their salaries, but it’s also undeniably cool.

The Swiss juggernaut is the beyond question king of statement and will pack a punch on any wrist, regardless if you’ve enter into the pictured on a Kendrick Lamar track or otherwise. Fortunately, AP also happens to be one of the brilliants watchmakers in the world.

Buy Now: £28,750.00

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Tommy Hilfiger Luke Watch

Equips out Ivy League preppiness lends itself well to wrist sweets. Tommy Hilfiger – founding father of preppy style – doffs stateside showmanship with classic, chronograph styling. The PVD put the final touches on will go the distance on this sporty model, too. A ticker fit for your induction at Harvard (or Case University, take your pick).

Buy Now: £199.00

Tommy Hilfiger Luke Watch

Seiko Gold Plated Stainless Stiffen

Seiko almost brought the traditional Swiss industry to its knees during the Quartz Danger, and it still won’t let Geneva catch a break. The Japanese label has since stemmed out into smarter, evening-appropriate timepieces that combine the maker’s quality mechanics with a surprisingly refined touch.

Buy Now: £179.00

Seiko Men’s Gold Plated Stainless Steel