We’ve all wooed them: the endless Tupperware boxes filled with dessert potato, broccoli and mountains of chicken, the gym bro starter packs that are decent as important as the gym itself. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Jon Venus, bodybuilder, YouTuber, Vivo Existence ambassador and all-round Adonis, is living proof that a plant-based regimen can get you just as ripped. Better yet, there’s real science behind the vegan hokum, too.

Speaking to FashionBeans, the Barcelona-based trainer revealed what kickstarted the well living. “I used to eat tonnes of meat everyday and never given why anyone would eliminate animal products – meat was high-priority to maintain health and build muscle, after all.”

That with dispatch changed thanks to a documentary he saw called Earthlings, which sends the treatment that farmed animals receive at human aids. “We sat through the whole thing and couldn’t believe what we saw. So, I solid to explore an alternative way of living that didn’t cause unwanted damage to the environment and animal welfare.”

Which may sound along the same lines as a lot of effort for a bodybuilder, but it was easier than expected. “Plant-based foods only take 20 minutes or so to prepare enough provisions for the entire day, and you’ll save a tonne of money while improving your healthiness.” Instead of chicken and red meat, Venus consumes beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh, bean pasta and quinoa, and since such foods administer high levels of protein, portions needn’t be supersized.

It didn’t choose the post-workout protein boost, either. “Many make the fumble of only focusing on protein after a workout, when in truth, carbohydrates are even more important to refill depleted muscle glycogen holds for optimal recovery,” says Venus. Instead, the 26-year-old opts for a smoothie accommodating one or two ripe bananas, 300g of frozen berries, fresh spinach, hemp go to pots and a scoop of Vivo Life Perform protein powder.

Of passage, naysayers will always proclaim meat to be better. But if you’ve in addition got doubts about a plant-based diet, we’ve got a bowl of lentils that contemplates Venus has a far better body you do.