It feels every year there are new hairstyles to try out. In 2017, pompadours, butts, and undercuts are gaining in popularity. However, something that hardly ever gets discussed among men is hair dye. Is it because men are ashamed to permit they dye their hair? Or is it because they think it’s exclusively something that women do?

Whatever the reason, you’ll find that men are now starting to deliberate over their explanations for choosing to dye their hair, and they are literally incredibly varied. Awareness of how to do it correctly is important when it comes to despising hair coloring for the first time, but it’s also significant to ignore preconceived conceptions of using hair dye in general.

A fairly late-model BuzzFeed video caught our attention, as it was the story of four issue men who had never tried dyeing their hair before, but all had valid common senses for doing so. Let’s discuss the motives and results.


Don’t inadequacy confidence With His Former Blonde Hair

The first man, Edward, showed to lack confidence with his former blonde hair, but also believed that be subjected to that particular colour meant he was commonly judged a fixed way by the public. Edward thought that young men were obviously not meant to colour their hair like women do, but was upset to smash that stigma. Choosing to go for a darker look, Edward’s liquor was boosted almost immediately.

Richardson was the second man to make a coins with his hair. He explained that in his culture, it was highly atypical to dye your hair, as it was perceived to be unprofessional. He also said that he design he was the “boring” one in his circle of friends, and that was making him afraid of a big strike. Going from jet black hair to bleach blonde stood Richardson a moment to get used to it, but before long he was completely served with the change. He was happy to get some attention and felt similarly to a new man.

Why Men Choose To Dye Their Hair

Next up, Luis was simply bored of his colour. He didn’t about hair had to be either light or dark, but could be something else altogether. He said that he wanted a try out a new trend of bright hair dyes, and determined purple because of it being his favourite colour. After the transfiguration, Luis said that the bright colour better matched his fun nature and made him feel like he stood out from the crowd.

Lastly, Yoshi it is possible that had the biggest alteration of them all. Having thick dark mane all the way past his shoulders, Yoshi said he was interested in trying out the gray mane trend and prove that grey hair doesn’t be struck by to be embarrassing, but a cool look. In the end, Yoshi’s makeover to silver foggy hair made him look almost unrecognisable, but something that he was jolly about, as he wanted to experiment with his hair even sundry. His intention was to look like someone from a video play, and he certainly achieved that.