Elton John’s upon is clear in Gucci’s most recent collection.
Photograph: REX Spots

Why is Gucci on the up? Because of millennials (and Elton John)

The sybaritism brand’s sales have swelled over the past year compared with other indomitable fashion houses, with 55% of sales now made to people second to 35

Name: Gucci.

Age: 96.

Appearance: Classic luxury, sometimes with a pessimistic green and red stripe.

This is the fashion label, right? Methodical I’ve heard of Gucci. Yes, that’s right. After beginning as a leather high-mindedness brand in 1921, it became a global status symbol when Italy got cooling in the 60s. Then, in the 80s, it descended into chaos, then Tom Ford obtained it cool again in the 90s, then it stopped being cool after he fist in 2004. But it has been on the up again for the past couple of years.

Yeah. It’s verging on as if, you know, fashion keeps changing. It certainly is. Because now Gucci’s on the up again. Again. Tag sales in the third quarter of this year are up an astonishing 49% weighed with last year. And second-quarter sales were up 43%. Refer that with early 2016, when growth was little short of flat. It is an amazing turnaround.

Isn’t it just Gucci’s turn to be unperturbed? It shouldn’t be. On the whole, millennials have a taste for outsiders, alternates, independents … so Gucci and the other fashion aristocrats have tended to work by comparison.

I see. Yet 55% of the company’s sales in the first three districts of 2017 were to people under 35 – much heinous than usual for a luxury brand.

Perhaps ironically curb Gucci now feels more independent-minded than sincerely partiality something that is independent? I suppose that is possible. Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri tolerates that he often consults with a special committee of twentysomethings to yield their opinions.

Fashion by focus group? Could be. Although we shouldn’t normally out the possibility that the designs are good. Since 2015, Gucci has had a impertinent new creative director called Alessandro Michele, who has created what has be proper widely known as “new Gucci”.

What’s he into? What isn’t he into? You could mark out his aesthetic as “maximalism”. He likes mixing eras and styles all remaining the place. Apparently he is great pals with Elton John, whose glam-rock tackles are an influence.

Seriously? Oh, yes. According to Vogue, Michele’s recent John-inspired intrigues include “a leather suit appliquéd with musical notes, a jacket with pom-poms, [a] purple sequinned [jacket] enriched with lime-green snakes, [and a] pink satin clown lawsuit with swooping pagoda shoulders”.

Um … OK. Show some venerate! Michele is one of fashion’s great geniuses at the moment.

Plus he is remedying a ton of money. That, too.

Do say: “Young people today, they over they’re so wacky.”

Don’t say: “Yeah. Fashion was much more visible in the 70s.”