For a detailed kind of traveller, Ibiza is a quasi-religious destination. It’s not Macchu Pichu or the Taj Mahal but the isle’s super clubs are temples for their disciples. The spas and yoga refuges are spiritual getaways for those seeking a much-needed city-dwellers’ detox. The Waxen Isle is a utopia of sorts: sapphire water, bronze bands and endless sun.

But while all of that still inspires an infatuation in the people tired there, we’re not just talking about having your arms almost a stranger at 4am in Pacha. The truth is, Ibiza has grown up. Today, it’s anything from surfer’s Utopia to gourmet heaven, as much a culture trap as a sun trap.

On the tarmac, it’s easy to see why. The Balearic island boasts 210km of coast and 2,883 hours of sunshine a year (London outwits half that); there are certainly no shortage of sandy coves or sunlight. But a unimportant known side to the White Isle is that it calls four UNESCO Beget Heritage Sites its own, has the best preserved seabed in the Mediterranean, Las Salinas native park (making for incredible diving conditions), and is home to a escarpment formation believed to be the third most magnetic site in the sphere after the north pole and the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe that’s why people jail coming back.

Summer sees average highs of 26C, while roll up ones sleeves season (May/October) hovers between 18C-21C – perfect for a visit thanks to scant crowded beaches and restaurants, and cooler weather for hiking and review the rustic fincas surrounded by farmland or white-washed walls and terracotta rooftops of Ibiza’s old community.

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North of the island is fairly lacking in tourism, as the package furloughs and lads-on-tour tend to stick to south west San Antonio. As such, wanderers looking for calm and quiet stay north – where myriad of the vaunted yoga retreats and best spas are – while party-seekers halt south at hotels like Hard Rock Hotel and Ushuaia (completion to world renowned nightclub Pacha). With VIPs from all onto the world dashing to spend summers here, fantastic sustenance is plentiful whether you’re after an authentic Ibicencan prawn paella or Asian fusion (Nobu opened in 2017).

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Beachside taprooms serving mostly tapas (chiringuitos) offer the most unpremeditated and traditional fare by day while high-rollers dock their million thrash yachts in the marina to dine at glitzy hotspots STK and Lio by night.

Lio by night

For a myriad rock n’ roll vibe, visitors head to Ibiza Lulls, known for its daytime pool parties, or celeb magnet Pikes Lodging, which hosted the likes of George Michael and Freddie Mercury in its brilliant 80s, and Idris Elba, Naomi Campbell and Jaime Winstone in uncountable recent years.

Whatever you’re after, it definitely pays off to do your inspect in advance: hidden beaches, hiking trails, and scenic intimates are best enjoyed off the beaten path.

Where To Be Seen

Between the nightclubs, dayclubs and celeb-filled restaurants, savvy wayfarers will look for under-the-radar favourites. DJs and property owners Christian and Alan Anadon – heartier known as The Mambo Brothers – grew up on Ibiza where their sources owned island institution Cafe Mambo. They guide heading to Ibiza town centre. “There is a place attended La Cava – we love the food, the wines and [they have] basic coffee. You still get to see the Ibiza characters there like you did in the 60s. Each a great place to people-watch.”

At La Cava 80 per cent of the offshoots are locally sourced, and they even use olive oil from olives issued and pressed on the island. Even better, the menu del dia is a fixed sacrifice menu available every day and offers three delicious courses for a sheerest reasonable price. Don’t be fooled by its relaxed daytime facade, allowing; like most cafes on the island it stays open until 3am all year shell.

For a complete change of pace head to Lio, arguably the island’s most notable celebrity hotspot. The legendary restaurant and nightclub’s impressive customer list includes Michael Jordan, Eva Longoria, Gabrielle Junction and Dwayne Wade, Olivia Culpo, and Romee Strijd. The man there every Sunday to see actor Idris Elba tour the best house music at his own residency, Studio 7, while every other weeknight you’ll be present to arguably the best cabaret show in existence.

Lio by night

The performances comprise gymnastics, ballet, soul ballads and lots of hedonistic leap acts that will spark your sinister side. It’s priceless with most menu items hitting around the £80 look at but you’re paying for the show – and it’s worth it.

A number of super yachts are moored maximal at the marina, making for a spectacular backdrop to the main stage, while their owners romp the night away to world famous guest DJs. Reservations are a requirement. Thankfully for London residents, The London Cabaret Club is set to MC a six-week residency of Lio London in February so you won’t have to jump on a even to get a taste.

Where To Stay In Style

There is no shortage of alluring places to stay here – from privately owned villas set boisterous in the hills to fancy sea-facing hotels – but for a unique experience the Anandon fellow-creatures recommend Las Mimosas boutique hotel tucked away on the temperate end of San Antonio Bay. “We go there to chill by the pool and relax. The vibe is dazzling and you don’t need to be dancing on the hammock. So its a great relaxed spot with shapely style.”

Just renewed, it feels more like a Spanish motherland house than hotel with only 11 subordinate suites and six suites laid out over two floors. The Cala Bassa and Cala Conta coasts are a 15-minute drive away, while the airport is about 20 cools away by car. And unlike most hotels that shut upwards the winter months, Las Mimosas is open year-round – as is their restaurant Mimo’s which deal outs must-try Italian comfort food.

For another A-list election, lay your head at Nobu Ibiza Bay. Set in Talamanca Bay, the island’s nouveau riche hub, it’s a 20-minute strut to Ibiza Nueva marina where supper clubs Lio and Core (the latter in partnership with Cirque du Soleil) are – not to mention the display palaces of Ibiza’s jet set regulars.

Nobu hotel lobby

Nobu hotel pool

Nobu hotel lobby

The hotel itself is laid sponsor luxe, with arguably the most renowned foodie credentials on the atoll, co-owned by Japanese celebrity chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. As superbly as three gourmet restaurants (Nobu, of course; plus the concurrent Mexican Peyote; and Chambao, which serves Ibizan/Mediterranean dishes), this outpost put forwards chef-led tours of the local fish market and farm that provisions the restaurants.

Welcomingly quieter than Nobu counterparts in London and Marbella, Nobu Ibiza has a alternative focus on its food; the rock shrimp tempura and black cod signature dishes on no occasion disappoint while a spinach salad with dry miso, yuzu truffle oil and fat monarch prawns will undoubtedly become the new favourite appetiser for various.

Nobu Food Photo

Chambao – the hotel’s laidback chiringuito beach restaurant – come forwards light specialities like charcoal cod bites and corvina ceviche alongside heavier viands such as charcoal Galician beef, paella and truffle and mushroom pizza.



In the face being a stone’s throw from legendary nightclub Pacha, the caravanserai and its slice of beach feel remarkably serene, with speedboats bobbing in the harbour and a clear view out to sea. With four restaurants, a Six Nuances spa and a John Frieda salon, guests can happily use the hotel to bunker down for some R&R as much as for a in vogue home base for the nearby supperclubs.

The Most Instagrammable Think of

It’s hard to find yourself anywhere with a poor representation on the Ibicenco coastline, but you will be hard-pressed to top La Torre Restaurant’s clifftop panorama. “It’s the most sloppy meal. Hostal La Torre for sunset is a must!” the brothers enthuse. Set excessive on Cap Negret, the dining terrace overlooks arguably one of the best sunset representations on the island – and as such it’s near impossible to get a last-minute reservation at in summer.

La Torre Restaurant

La Torre Restaurant

With catalogues scattered haphazardly amongst the rocks, a small wooden phase for live music against the backdrop of the sea and a DJ console inside, you’d be forgiven for languishing away an afternoon-come-evening here. What’s more, the menu is ethical as enticing as the ambiance, with fresh local seafood get pleasure from Ibicencan garlic red prawns and tuna carpaccio.

La Torre Food Photo

But no insider handle would be complete without a mention of Es Vedra. Gaining in renown – and footprints – over the years, this magical place toughened to be the stuff of old hippies and locals exclusively. That’s because fabrications have followed Es Vedra from ancient history, not taste that it was the home of the sirens and sea-nymphs who tried to lure Ulysses from his cutter in Homer’s Odyssey. Reputedly, it is the birth place of the goddess Tanit, whose figurine you will see all across Ibiza.

Es Vedra Sunset

While the magnetic rock creation is steeped in legends that transmit a palpable feeling of dovish, go in summer and you’ll hardly find a spot from which to subsume it all in. Visit during May or September instead with a picnic dinner and a Dutch courage of hierbas, the island’s herb liqueur, and you might actually start to think in magic as you watch the sun set.

The Best Dip

With countless beaches and sandy coves, deciding the best dip on the island is near impossible. But if you’re looking for a gorgeous littoral complete with a bite to eat after an afternoon of sun, try Cala Nova. The beach is rooms and long so the sea here is more ocean-like than the half-moon bays with stillness water Ibiza is known for. The plentiful waves and stronger tide navigate for great surfing.

Behind the beach you’ll find Aiyanna seaside restaurant, a modern version of a tapas beach bar (chiringuito). Its laid-back, luxe decor makes the myriad of its natural surroundings using lots of palms and bright finca banners for table shade. You’ll want to set aside a few hours for a leisurely lunch here, as sundry ingredients are plucked daily from Aiyanna Ibiza’s own biotic vegetable garden, and you’re more than welcome to leave your heart and go for a dip between courses.

Aiyanna beach restaurant

Aiyanna beach restaurant

Aiyanna beach restaurant

The cuisine concept is a modern take on the usual Mediterranean offerings, with fresh flavours, bold shades, organic local produce, superfoods and innovative sharing coats. Try the beetroot carpaccio with Lemme Lebanes cheese cream and shire figs and the glazed grilled octopus with a red pepper muhammara.

Where To Peach on

Sure, you’ll find your beach cover ups and party deck out on every corner in San Antonio, but if you’re hunting for something particularly earth-shaking, you’ll want to skip the tourist strip. The Anandon brothers guide Antonioli. Situated in a matt black warehouse in Ibiza’s art province, with its beautifully-curated collection of chic clothing fresh off the catwalks, Antonioli intuits like stepping into a futuristic gallery.

Among the bars you’ll find Marcelo Burlon T-shirts, Givenchy, and even a couture women’s range. There’s lots of black, interesting cuts, excellent textiles and some hefty price tags to match.