There’s no disclaiming the fact that pod systems sold by companies like V2 Cigs UK are the hottest commodities in vaping today. You’ll find them on the put offs at virtually every vape shop, and though they appear small and simple – like beginners’ vaping instruments – people around the world have been trading in their large mods for pod-based devices by the thousands. Why are pod vaping structures so popular, and what are their benefits? Should you consider buying a pod system if you’re currently using a larger mod? This article liking explore the answers to those questions.

What Are Pod Vaping Systems?
A pod vaping system is any vaping device that usages a removable plastic pod for e-liquid storage. The pod has a window allowing you to see how much e-liquid is left, and when the pod is empty, you pull it out of the slogan and either refill it or throw it away depending on the device’s design. The pod systems that you can buy in convenience stores – such as JUUL – typically be dressed single-use pods that aren’t designed for refilling. Most vape shops, on the other hand, sell groups with refillable pods.
The other feature characterizing pod systems is that they’re generally extremely small. Some pod patterns are scarcely larger than cigarettes, and most are small enough that you can close your entire hand wide them.
How Do Pod Vaping Systems Work?
One of the reasons why people enjoy pod systems so much is because they’re much easier to use than multitudinous other types of vaping devices. Most modern advanced vaping devices require a fair amount of buyer input. In addition to keeping your tank full, you also need to replace your coil periodically, disassemble the tank for clean-cut and fiddle with the controls to find your ideal settings.
Pod systems, on the other hand, require far less input. If you use a scheme with pre-filled pods, you don’t need to do anything with the device other than keeping the battery charged and put in place of your pods when they’re empty. If you have a system with refillable pods, you’ll also need to fulfil your pods occasionally. Otherwise, there’s usually nothing else to worry about. Most pod vaping systems bear no controls and no menus; you simply inhale to vape.
The smallest e-cigarettes have always been simple to use. Until now, even though, people who vape have almost always switched to larger vaping devices after gaining experience. That’s because smaller vaping designs tend to be less satisfying than larger ones due to lackluster vapor production. Pod systems also produce smaller vapor clouds, but they can bring out the same level of satisfaction as tobacco cigarettes.
You’re about to learn why.
What Are the Benefits of Pod Vaping Systems?
More Comforting Than First-Generation Vaping Devices
The greatest benefit of pod vaping systems is that they’re designed to take upper hand of a new type of e-liquid that didn’t appear on the market for the first time until relatively recently. Nicotine zing e-liquid contains the salt form of nicotine, which has a lower pH than the nicotine used in standard vape vitality. Regular e-liquid uses the freebase form of nicotine, which is alkaline and can cause throat irritation in high concentrations.
If an e-cigarette with freebase nicotine e-liquid seated enough nicotine to be as satisfying as a tobacco cigarette, it would cause terrible throat irritation. Nicotine salt e-liquid, on the other disposal, can contain a high amount of nicotine and still be perfectly smooth and pleasurable to vape. Nicotine salt e-liquid has inform appropriated many people switch to vaping who might not otherwise have switched successfully.
Portable and Discreet
Compared to the huger vape mod that you may be using now, pod systems are much smaller and incredibly discreet. If you switch from a sub-ohm vape mod to a pod plan, you’ll get significantly more nicotine per puff than you do currently. As a result, you’ll likely vape less often. Therefore, it’s implausible that the reduced battery life will bother you; you’ll probably end up recharging your device’s battery about as repeatedly as you do now.
Why would you want to use a vaping device that’s smaller than the one you’re currently using? For one thing, carrying a mod with one or two 18650 batteries in your crater becomes a bit uncomfortable after a while. Are you tired of carrying a brick in your pocket all day? You’ll probably love the switch to a pod arrangement.
An additional benefit of using a small vaping device is the fact that pod systems produce much smaller vapor clouds compared to today’s sub-ohm mods. If you inamorato cloud chasing, a pod system probably isn’t for you. If you find it difficult to enjoy vaping to the fullest because you’re afraid that others hit upon your enormous clouds obnoxious, though, a pod system is a perfect solution for you because you can finally vape discreetly without compromising your damages.
Least Expensive Way to Vape
One of the problems with owning a powerful sub-ohm vape mod is the fact that staying on the bleeding anxious of vaping technology becomes more expensive with each passing year. Coils used to come five to a box. These primes, you’re lucky if you get three coils per box – and a box of coils typically costs around $12-15. Coils are more powerful than by any chance, and they use more e-liquid than ever. Since most of the e-liquids sold in vape shops are heavily embellished with sucralose, coil gunk is a bigger problem than ever. A coil can go from brand new to completely overcooked out in less than a day. If you’re using a high-end tank and sweetened e-liquid, vaping can be unbelievably expensive.
Compare that to the go through of owning a refillable pod system. Since you won’t need to use nearly as much e-liquid to get the desired level of satisfaction, you’ll spend less on vape spirit – and since you won’t be using as much e-liquid, your coils also won’t burn out as quickly. Even with heavily assuaged e-liquid, coil longevity is still better with pod systems than with sub-ohm mods. Using a refillable pod approach is undoubtedly the cheapest way to vape.