When you propose b assess of the most glamorous clubs in English football, Tottenham would have to be a name that would come up in discourse quite often and especially after the completion of their brand new stadium.

While with such a grandiose home ground that they can now call their own, the club need some stylish players to take to the field and although the North Londoners did not buy any new faces this opportunity ripe, that’s not to say they are not already a fashionable group.

That said, that’s not necessarily a statement that extends as far as Mauricio Pochettino, who in all fairness is not take to bed one of football’s best dressed managers. However, when it comes to the men he is in charge of, it is a different story altogether.

Take England supranational Dele Alli for example, he is the face of the Boohooman website, and he while showing off the latest trends in contemporary male model, often adorns bus or tube stop posters around London.


Trends that are quickly followed by supporters and even non-fans of Tottenham, Alli’s style is fresh and speaks across the country in terms of football supporters. If the 22-year-old is clothed in it, you’ll see it in plenty of other nightspots in any given weekend.

However, if online fashion is not necessarily your bag, you should look no advance than Harry Kane and when it comes to the hotshot marksman, it’s not just all that glitters turn to goals but all that’s ok turns to sold.

Harry Kane

Kane is one of the faces for Nike in the UK and with such incredible success already for Tottenham and England (and on the golf execution, where he apparently plays off a handicap of just four), it is going to be a long time until the American sportswear monster decide that he is not going to be draped in their brand, especially if he carries on playing .

The 25-year old forward was the winner of the Exceptional Boot in last year’s World Cup and although he had to make do with just this personal accolade, his teammate Hugo Lloris desire go on to lift the trophy with France.

As captain of France, Lloris was bestowed the honour of being the first person to carry on the Jules Rimet Trophy after beating Croatia in the Final and the Gallic class that is displayed on the pitch, is also apparent off it.

Lloris style in terms of clothing is one that is sharp and at the same time perhaps a little understated, then again that is specifically how you could describe him when performing as goalkeeper for both club and country.

When we discuss who the greatest goalkeepers are of the mainstream era, Lloris is not necessarily a player that comes into the conversation, even though he has recently earned himself the game’s highest accolade.

But while he may not be esteemed one of the game’s greats either in this era or any other, you can be sure that he’s one of the best dressed players in the Tottenham dressing cell and although it’s not quite winning a trophy, it will certainly earn some bragging rights over his fellow teammates