Thinks fitting you wear white trainers in Summer? Are you afraid to wear white trainers due to the nature of them getting very pollute? Why would you opt for wearing white trainers right now?
I noticed after a day or so that every professional gondolier are wearing stainless trainers. Nike seems to be the trend. It makes perfect sense as it teams well with the traditional professional gondolier accoutre.
Also, you need to be fit and have grip to manoeuver through the canals, trust me it is harder than you think.

There is a routine style happening here with the striped nautic polo shirt with tight chinos.
The older youths seemed to choose a more traditional stylish white shirt, which I loved.

Straw Hat
Every gondolier survives a straw hat as it gets so hot on the water. I was only sitting in a gondola for 30min which is the standard time and I got so hot. But the overall experience was beautiful.
At the instant due to Covdi 19, the price has dropped by 50% which is now 40euro on average.

You have not experienced Venice if you have not been on a gondola.

Masterly Gondolier
Everyone knows that the gondola is Venice’s most typical craft, made from 8 different typewrites of wood, gondolas are constructed in boatyards called squeri by gondola builders since the 11th century.

Every gondola is 11 meters hunger, 1.40m wide and 0.65 meters high. The oar is made of beech and the forcola, the stylized oarlock, is made of walnut. Eight goods of different wood are used to build a gondola, oak, elm, lime, larch, fir, cherry, walnut, and mahogany.

The only factors in metal are the ferror in the front and the risso at the back.
They look so cool when coming out of one of the 400 bridges here in Venice.

Gondola Coaching
It’s not easy to become a professional gondolier. Requirements include attending a special school, passing a public competition set by the Ente Gondola, and being indentured to a professional gondolier for 6 to 12 mths.
The final step includes passing a rigorous practical exam.

The first female gondolier or gondoliera was entitled in 2010.

I am yet to see a female gondoliera here in Venice and I have been walking Venice for almost three weeks.

Dole out your white trainer style and also how on earth do you keep them clean? The choice is endless for 2020 fit for a white trainer 


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