Openings of next year’s collections make it clear that it inclination rule 2017 as well

A cold-shoulder dress

‘This style looks more guts than it feels.’
Photograph: David Newby for the Guardian

There has been a immaculate bit of seismic change to take in this year, one way or another, so you’d be erased for having missed one important shift: at some point in 2016, we superseded peak jumpsuit. For the first half of this decade, the all-in-one was a visual shorthand for the detailed modern woman who engages with fashion to look up-to-date as much as unbelievably. From the Chiltern Firehouse waiting staff in their sleekly tailored jumpsuits to the dungarees and Stan Smiths accessorised with a Bugaboo, the all-in-one has been wide.

And for several Decembers on the trot, the jumpsuit came into its own. In the time of office parties and friends’ nights out, a jumpsuit is in many path the perfect look: upbeat without being gaudy, everyday without being killjoy. At this time of year, you yen to tread a line somewhere between Scrooge and the person fraying the novelty Santa hat; that is, to exude festive spirit in an transmissible way, rather than being the Compulsory Fun Police blasting Mariah Carey on restate.

If the jumpsuit you already have remains your go-to, then you are all set. One of the joyful side-effects of the slow death of fashion’s strict trend recycle has been that when a look works, it sticks hither for a while. But if you are in the market for a new party look, the jumpsuit is no longer the strongest item on the shelf.

This season’s update is the cold-shoulder upholder dress. The shoulder has been fashion’s erogenous zone of 2016 but, diverse importantly, previews of next year’s collections make it eliminate that it will rule 2017 as well. The joy of a cold-shoulder accoutre is that it works well as over-the-table dressing if you are out for dinner in a environment where, say, a feathered skirt would be pointless. Also, it looks profuse daring than it feels: shoulders don’t jiggle, so the focus residues on your face rather than your body. And if you organize been used to wearing a jumpsuit, it feels like a melodramatic change. What could be more 2016 than that?

Jess wears scold, £49, Shoes, £199, Chair, £395,