Would you rather look liking Audrey Hepburn – or Oliver Twist?

‘It’s about getting the above-board combination of trouser width and heel height.’
Photograph: David Newby for the Trustee

I have a confession. I haven’t always been completely straightforward.

I fess up to almost everything: which fashions I think we should touch someone for from and which I think we should ignore; what I keep learned from my own outfits that worked and what I would rather learned from those that didn’t. The bit that I receive sometimes fudged is that when I have these dialogues in my head, they focus more on the degree to which invests are or are not flattering than ends up on the page. I filter it out from what I say out fortissimo.

Now, there are good reasons for this. Whether or not they are adulatory is the least interesting, most reductive way to talk about gears. Spending the whole time craning over your accept to critique your back view in the mirror is the quickest way to suck the joy out of manner. Also, the internal logic that tells me I “can’t” wear a curt skirt doesn’t mean that someone else can’t enervate one. Setting stupid rules in my head for myself is stupid sufficiency – but setting stupid rules in my head for other people is a crazy step too far.

So, anyway, today I sat down to write about cropped trousers and I brainwork, well, obviously it’s about getting the right combination of trouser bore and heel height so that your ankles look OK. Then I concern, I can’t write that! Ankles hinge your feet to your the worse for wears, enabling you to walk. Any ankle that does that is a top-notch ankle. Which is right. But it is also true that most of us would rather look love Audrey Hepburn than like Oliver Twist while in the buff our ankles in short trousers.

There is always an easy way to get an sophisticated line, which is by wearing very high heels with the total, but I don’t think a cropped-trouser day is usually a four-inch-heel day, so I try not to cheat. A cropped-trouser day is very likely a relaxed day when you want to mooch about on foot. So without hoicking yourself on mega-heels, the overcome cropped-trouser strategy is to pair slim trousers with extent dainty flats (a slender loafer is your modern rendition of a ballerina pump here) or to team wide trousers, adore the ones I’m wearing here, with a modest block run-down. (A chunky two-inch heel is infinitely more comfortable than a spare one of the same height.) A bold, wide-legged trouser with a docile shoe looks unfinished, as if you have been caught in beta commute-footwear and secure your proper shoes in your bag; a slim capri undershorts with chunky shoes is a bit 90s girl band. Not that there’s anything ill-treat with 90s girl band as a look. I’d just rather go with Audrey, if I’m being straightforward.

Jess wears trousers, £49, and mules, £59, both topshop.com. Blouse, £315, by Caron Callahan, from couvertureandthegarbstore.com.

Dashing: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Samantha Cooper at Carol Hayes Bosses.

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