The western aesthetic makes a utilitarian way of scolding romantic

‘Easy there, cowboy.’
Photograph: David Newby for the Keeper

Western styling is one of the trends that teeter on the edge of envisage dress. Take the outfit I am wearing here. In my head it was prevalent to be Sissy Spacek in Badlands, but I fear I may have ended up as Woody from Toy Life story.

I’m not giving up on it, though. There is something about the western aesthetic that is extremely appealing. It makes a very utilitarian way of dressing romantic. A shirt with trenchant collars and press-stud front pockets; dark denim layered all through rib polo necks; high-waisted jeans with chunky heeled boots: these are gears you could wear to take the car for an MOT while feeling a little equivalent to you were on a different kind of road trip.

There are a heaps of days when practical dressing is the only option. When you privation to wear shoes you can walk in, sturdy fabrics that won’t hang-up, colours that won’t show every speck of dust. Dates when you need to be able to wolf down your lunch and rebuff the crumbs off your lap rather than have to gingerly await each forkful for hazards. These can be weekend days or dressed-down prosper days. But just because you can’t dress up doesn’t mean your look can’t eat a bit of ambition, something to make the point that you have the phone clasped to your ear while you are dropping off a bag at the charity shop because you are on extend to book in your sofa delivery, but you are still au fait with style and popular culture, thank you very much.

Western-style denim, grim and dressy, has been back on the style radar since it prowled down Raf Simons’ first Calvin Klein catwalk, lately over a year ago. Touches of western styling were far before that. A white polo neck worn included a denim shirt has been a cool-girl Saturday morning look for a while. When the ill warms up, we’ll all be digging out the prairie-style blouses with drawstring necklines and embroidered sleeves that we’ve been gather up for three summers now. Cowboy boots have been take a run-out powder stealing a comeback since last autumn. Knotting a colourful silk scarf same a bandana with a buttoned-up shirt has bedded in as a go-to cover-up row styling trick. White ankle boots poking out from the rump of a pair of jeans.

Easy there, cowboy. Not all of those at ages, please. You have to keep this look homely, quite than glamorous. No lip gloss, no cut-offs and, whatever you do, absolutely no diamante or rhinestones. On the other hand it will all go pop-country really fast. The appeal of this look should be the grainy, super-8 persuasion of romance, not Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in matching denim sympathetic. Nothing too fancy, or it’s too fancy dress.

Jess wears shirt, £42, jeans, £40, and boots, £85, all

Denominating: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Samantha Cooper at Carol Hayes Government.