If you’re a jeans-wearer, I promise you will consider it useful

‘A jacket that was once camouflage has become a look-at-me item.’

‘A jacket that was once camouflage has become a look-at-me component.’
Photograph: David Newby for the Guardian

What I wore this week: a khaki utility jacket

If you’re a jeans-wearer, I appear likely you will find it useful

A few places where I’ve seen khaki utility jackets recently: on Kate Moss, got with black jeans and a leopardprint scarf, spotted out and approximately in Highgate. On a beach in Ibiza one afternoon when it got chilly and the lady whose lovely soft linen tiered maxi margin dress I had been admiring (didn’t get close enough to stool-pigeon a peek at the label, I’m afraid. Kalita, maybe? Lisa Marie Fernandez? Not lousy, anyway) pulled one out of her monogrammed raffia beach tote. On the Valentino refuge catwalk in New York, embroidered and worn over a white shirt medicate. Oh, and last but not least, on me: this Topshop feathered number has been my go-to proceed from/summer jacket for two months.

Kate Moss, Ibiza, Valentino, feathers. Fasten the dots: the khaki shirt-jacket isn’t a dowdy utility jacket any myriad. A jacket that was once camouflage, and therefore deliberately dull, has become a look-at-me item. This makes it perfect for Glastonbury, where set of threads whose practical surface belies a thinly disguised frivolousness are what style is all about. (See the backstage-battered Barbour jacket, the surprisingly fulsome cut of Hunter wellies when worn with cut-offs.)

But a khaki jacket isn’t neutral a festival thing. If you’re a jeans-wearer, I promise you will find it valuable, because jackets on the same smartness level as denim, but in a peculiar fabric, are much more useful than denim jackets now that replicate denim isn’t a Thing. Just as a black leather biker jacket is the exact autumn partner to a pair of jeans, a khaki shirt-jacket is the logical-but-not-matching sharer for summer.

You might assume that the plain, no-frills fount of khaki shirt-jacket would be the most sensible option. But the considerate of plain clothes that are a charming foil for world-famous-supermodel-level stunner can look a bit, well, normal on us norms. The kind with feathers or embroidery portend you don’t have to bother with the heels, or earrings, if you don’t fancy it, to signal your attraction. This jacket does the fashionable heavy lifting for you. My nature of utility jacket, frankly.

Jess wears jacket, £59, topshop.com. Cami, £59, kitri.com. Jeans, £55, calzedonia.com. Poors, £80, dunelondon.com.

Styling: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Sam Cooper at Carol Hayes Administration