What this blouse trains to the party is wearable joie de vivre

‘This blouse give ups into the oft-neglected category of daylight-hour dress-up.’
Photograph: David Newby for the Defender

As the bohemian-but-only-vaguely white blouse is a summer look that litters to die, I suggest we embrace it. You can’t walk through a clothes shop at this term of year without racks of white cheesecloth and broderie anglaise palsy-walsy in on you from all sides, like ivy. It would be quite difficult to get with the aid summer without buying at least one. So if you can’t beat them, adjoin them.

There is no discernible logic as to why the white blouse became a summer elementary. Every so often a piece of clothing comes into manner and then stays there. It takes up residence in your clothes-cupboard the way a catchy song hook lodges in your head. Up front you know it, it’s not a fashion piece any more, it’s a classic.

Like the spare jean, the white blouse started out as a trend but made itself at hospice and became an old faithful. Every summer for the last five years, as some time as the days start getting longer, the shops fill up with drained blouses of a vaguely milkmaid bent. Last year they all earmarks ofed to have pompoms hanging off them; the year before that there was a lot of cheesecloth crinkle. There was an off-the-shoulder age, and a standup pie-crust collar one. The boho white blouse has evolve into a hardy annual: it survives the winter, adapts to the new conditions, and hops back to life out of nowhere.

What the white blouse features to the party is wearable joie de vivre. The best clothes are those that alter themselves useful, popping into your head to reveal a wardrobe crisis, and that is what this blouse does. Say, for precedent, you want to wear a structured skirt, like this one, or a marry of cropped trousers. You could wear a denim or khaki skirt, but you fall short of something a bit less utilitarian and a bit more fun. Voilà.

This blouse collapses into the oft-neglected category of daylight-hour dress-up. Clothes that are a bit snazzy nurse to overlap with clothes that work after cheerless. But when you are getting dressed on a Saturday morning, say, and you want to burden something that will still look jolly for glasses at 6 o’clock, the boho white blouse gives you an option that schedules between a T-shirt and a going-out top. I would steer you in the direction of a breakable, dried-on-the-line fabric over a sheer one. I’d suggest a ruffled sleeve, degree than a cold-shoulder. That way your particular white blouse ordain have more longevity – and longevity is what this rage is all about.

Jess wears ruffle blouse, £270, by Context, and skirt, £280, by Nanushka, both from net-a-porter.com. Tips, £120, dunelondon.com. Styling: Melanie Wilkinson. Hair and makeup: Samantha Cooper at Carol Hayes Operation