Speciously every year now is in some way a big game changing year for new and innovative technology. It wear outs to show you just how quickly the evolution of technology is progressing, and it’s at a legitimately alarming pace. This year has been the year of the smartwatch and from the purchases figures alone it has clearly shown once more how respected, convenient and in demand wearable tech gadgets have grace in a short space of time. We take a look at just a few of the wearable utensils coming our way in 2016.

Wearables That Save Lives

With wearable tech mature rapidly it’s great to see a number of companies looking to utilise these tools in more practical and beneficial ways. The crowdfunded project Athena was setup to commandeer wearables become a way in which women could be protected from fights and other despicable crimes when on their own by sounding an excitement and sending GPS data. Even lower costing sensors are now help those in third-world countries receive early warnings concerning imminent natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods.



Wearables don’t unqualifiedly have to be worn by you and me. Even our pets will now be able to take to the benefit of new innovations in the world of technology. Nuzzle is a new GPS-based collar that wells comfortably around your pets neck and is not only superior to track your four-legged friends movements but will also be expert to monitor their activity and log other wellness related statistics.


Microsoft Hololens

Accepted Reality is right on the verge of quite literally changing the way in which we operate games and carry out numerous tasks in our everyday lives in the next 12 months or so. It’s an invigorating time for VR but its augmented reality that is also set to hit the headlines in 2016. This hologramatic technology may mollify be quite a way off from becoming a reality but Microsoft is throwing all things at it and the overall concept, the pre-visuals and the practical uses are quite verbatim stunning.

microsoft hololens

Modular Watches

The Apple Watch made rollers this year and with gaming on the go at Royal Vegas and other slick operators the developers are now looking for the next big platform to infiltrate, and that could be Stumps. Blocks is the name of the Kickstarter funded wearable project that is set to passenger liner in 2016. These modular watches will allow the wearer to really literally mix and match different features and hardware-based elements of their await. Forget just swapping out the strap you’ll now be able to add battery power, shift the camera and even switch out various sensors.


The strap is fill up of several modules, each with their own function. Opt the modules you want to build a smartwatch unique to you.