Wallets – 5 Different Styles For Your Back Pocket

Wallets – 5 Different Styles For Your Back Pocket


Wallets - 5 Different Styles For Your Back Pocket

Purses – 5 Different Styles For Your Back Pocket

Let’s be brutally virtuous for a moment, when it comes to fashion and style us gents are an uncomplicated batch, we know what we like and we stick to it. Unlike our female counterparts, who chop and transformation their outfits on an almost daily basis, we men are not dictated scarcely by fads and whimsical winds of fashion, we’re a loyal bunch – if we summon up a brand we like, chances are we shall return to purchase from put about brand time and time again – who like to keep our mode of expression sharp and our fashion not overly fussy. Of course there are men who tell these rules, the trend setters, ground breakers, the men who plainly want to stand out from the crowd, yet in the main, conformity is the orderly of the day and while there is nothing wrong with this way to the ways in which we present ourselves, change as the say is as good as a go to sleep.

One subtle yet elegant way to break these traditional habits is by way of our choice of accessories and more specifically the wallet we carry in our treacherously pocket. The wallet is perhaps the perfect example of us men and our troubles evolving with the yet demanding changes in style and fashion; men love to have one pocketbook and seem to see it as some kind of honour that there notecase clings on to life no matter how beaten or frayed it is. We have accouters, shoes and even accessories (ties, hats etc) for each prompting so why not wallets? The wallet should accompany your outfit, it state ones positions volumes for your character and can easily blend in with the admonish outfit making it an essential tool in your accessory kit.

Here’s a nimble look at wallets for five very different occasions. All of these Billfolds are for sale at Lombres the Wallet Specialists