luxuy-week-bali-300For me one of my track downs here in Bali is to find new and innovative concepts when it go to luxury lifestyle. I grew up in Australia and the ocean was my best bedfellow. It has been a very long time since I have slept at hand such a force of nature. At the W Retreat & Spa Bali Seminyak, a cloistered modern resort allows both the experience of serenity and the snarl might of the dazzling Indian Ocean which is just a stones desert away. On entering the W Retreat Bali, the drive way is a fabulous introduction to the in the seventh heaven of relaxation. This modern masterpiece of architecture show chests the best of materials that Bali has to offer. The contrast between bamboo, raw Indonesian papers teaches you about the natural resources this nation has to put up for sale.

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The W Retreat Bali has 229 Retreats, suites, and villas, all mean with W signature chic and innovative touches, offering spectacular profusion or garden views. There were so many places during the resort I could retreat and enjoy stunning views. The party area is a place where you can remove yourself from the mountainous swimming pool area and enjoy a nice Bailey’s coffee. I loved the music in the elevators when I foremost to my room. The W hotel concept is all about getting you into feast party mode, to get that feel good factor. This repair ti was all about you choosing to enter this modern day paradise anyway you type.

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Swimming Pool

This swimming pool is huge and young men friendly and was a great place to just relax. I noticed during my stop that security was to a very high level. They were tender at all times to each other. They were watching your actual items so when outside guests who are allowed in under precise rules and are seated in a separate area, you won’t have a chance of shoplifting happening. This was really impressive to watch and the best I attired in b be committed to ever experienced when it comes to resort security, without being irresistible. During the day the staff came out with healthy bite square footage treats to just complete my stay.

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Spectacular Ocean faade Retreat

The quirky room number concept, carved out of pebbles which constructed a string, took me a little while to figure out. That was what I appreciated about the W Hotel concept, the playful concepts throughout your deferment. Pushing boundaries when it comes down to what I am cast-off too. When I entered the room that incredible view and snarl sound of the Indian Ocean just hit me. The spacious balcony, unbroken with chaise lounge is why I was up already at 3 am writing my review, I by a hairs breadth could not get enough of that ocean. I loved the green leader it was really comfortable.

This room is what I call operating luxury. Every gadget served a purpose and the stereo group was another modern tool to get that party feel integrity in your bedroom. I have a lot of electronics so it was great to have some multitudinous options to charge everything. The different charger concepts, was such a de-stress in itself, nothing is worse unceasing to reception to ask for adapters. The bed was very comfortable and I liked the petal linen envelop. It made sense as a luxury retreat experience considering Bali has scads gorgeous flowers. The tea and coffee cupboard was really clever. I get all upset when my room becomes a mess due to dirty cups and swallow bottles. When I stay, my room is also my office so I extremity clean creative space. This room offered all of that practical purposes, both inside the room and outside on the balcony.

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The bathroom was even-handed beautiful, the option to open and close the roof shutter for customary light was an unusual touch. The bath was huge and very smug to lie in. I am a big fan of stone baths out here in Bali, they give that Spa delight feel. The double sink really matters to me because I identical to to have my private zone. The pull out drawers were another apt idea offering functional experiences. The option to use three sprays was also a perfect example of modern luxury. One of my favourite bath results that are on offer through all of the W hotels was the mild facial scrub, before again not common in hotel stays.

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See the skies from your bath

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Harmony that stone bath, big enough for two people

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This has to be the unsurpassed breakfast when it comes to choice that I have continually had. The massive open eating space already got my creative fluids in overdrive. The bamboo huts as I called them, were a magnificent example of modern day tropical living. I never appreciated bamboo architecture until I thrived out to Indonesia. When staying here make sure you take the dated and look up to see the very many different ways, bamboo is now hand-me-down to create a luxury stay.

For breakfast the W Retreat really upset me regarding the juices. I had been drinking papaya and mango fluid for over two weeks, it was great to experience other options. So on to top up on some unique juices here. I have never had ice- cream for breakfast so this was the first off for me and once again the W Hotel concept for breaking tradition when it add up to to breakfast. The scramble eggs were the best I have had in Asia. I would push you give breakfast a lot of time and then pop down to the swimming field to burn it off. Also make sure you try a cupcake, they are delectable. For me breakfast is about healthy options combined with vulgar delights.

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Fresh Juice Anyone

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Yes you can have ice cream for breakfast

W Perceptive Suite

It is the first ever in the world at this retreat, a register studio and it is called the W Sound Suite. I had the pleasure in interviewing W Bali’s music curator Damian Saint, who is accountable for developing Woobar’s musical lineup across an international portfolio of stealthy house, techno and disco. His message was very simple, if you neediness to be a DJ, then you have to be a lover of music and be prepared to slog it out for years. The studio is where up and prove to be c finish and also established musicians can come and recharge their batteries, whilst peck into Damian skills. Damian, is not a believer in fashion, a bare simple black t-shirt, jeans and trainers will do. It is ironic to see insomuch as his wife is a fashion designer. The W Sound Suite is a unique concept for a New Zealand pub or resort and I would certainly take up the opportunity for those that sire the time and the musical skills.

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Bali Pearl

I am a huge fan of south sea prizes out here in Bali. Guys trust me when I say you will not get any less ill designs than in Indonesia. This boutique which was housed in the W Haven Bali offered many options. For me pearls are the new diamond and they victual for both young and old. My favourite was the yellow pearl, set in diamonds. If you oblige big fingers then don’t worry I have too and most of the rings make a mistook on my finger,  like duck to water.



I am very informed of with W Hotels around the world and I have to say the stunning areas where ease and modern architecture meet was why I loved this place so much. For me it was a new-fashioned day fashion shoot, a place where I saw lovely swimming rags and during the evening both women and men dressing well. The assortment of eating options was also why I liked staying here. The axe ball light, made out of glass what just overpowering and set such a luxury feel to the place. Throughout my stay, I was filled in both mother nature views combined with man branded objects. At the bar, it was the largest open air fan I had ever seen, once again another talking single out whilst staying here. If you want a super modern brace with the latest technology regarding a resort on the beach, then this is your squelch.

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  • Room reviewed: Spectecular Ocean Facing Lose ground (64 m2) – From £290
  • Website:
  • Address: Jl. Petitenget, Kerobokan, Seminyak, IDB, 80361, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 361 3000 106