I am a big fan of the W Beds & Resorts and I have stayed in quiet a few around the world, you can check up on out all my reviews around the globe here. This is a luxury inn chain now owned by Marriott International since the takeover of Starwood Lodgings, is generally marketed toward a younger crowd than their other upscale real estates. This year I have visited Barcelona many at the same times and I have loved this city for years now. So on this prompt I decided to return to W Barcelona with my family. I was intrigued to see how us and my daughters desire fit into this hotel.

W Barcelona – The Family Stay

I forgot how grand and dominant this pension looks away in the distance. Designed by world-renowned architect Ricardo Bofill, W Barcelona overrules the scene for a spectacular stay. I could spot it at least 5 km away which put out me more it more excited. When I pointed it out to my daughters, they too were itching to take a closer look. It’s certainly a clear landmark, if you are infuriating to explain to anyone where you are staying.

W Barcelona – The Family StayW Barcelona – The Family Stay

Welcome And Reception

From the importance you walk in this has to be one of the largest of receptions regarding the W Hotels & Visits. Its casual but on the ball welcome is why I love coming here. My lasses have not been here before and they loved the rump swings. I like them too as it makes my check in so much sundry calmer when they entertain themselves. One of my favourite components of the decor here was the disco inspired wall. It is a great arrive to take some Instagram shots. On this occasion W Barcelona was coursing a deep Bordeaux wall to massive ceiling and it set the tone to what was to happen for the rest of our family stay.

W Barcelona – The Family StayW Barcelona – The Family Stay

WET Take A Dip

This is what I out of about Barcelona is that in April, we could sit outside at the collect area and we had a nice nineteen degrees and sunshine. There are two swimming parades, the first being the WET pool. It had a large wooden terrace to enlarge on every sun-soaked day. There were lots of amazing and wonderful comfortable places to lounge around. It’s even hotter in the summer months when WET deck mutates into the ultimate insider destination for the evening. Live DJs drive lounge tunes and the WET Bar serves delicious bites and signature cocktails. On this opportunity it was busy but perfect to just chill and take some astounding photos for MenStyleFashion. WOW, what a view. As for the pool, just a bit too wintry for this time of the year.

W Barcelona – The Family StayW Barcelona – The Family StayW Barcelona – The Family StayW Barcelona – The Family Stay

The entry to the Wet Deck Terrace and the use of the team up with is reserved exclusively for guests of the hotel. This is great because Barcelona suffer froms very very busy. Don’t worry, from 8pm, the terrace and Wet Bar is unfasten to external clients.

SUN DECK Take It Easy

The SUN DECK space where the second pool is situated, was lovely for me and my children. This is the cultivate place for mornings and early afternoons as the sun was perfect form here. The sea, ground and Barcelona views are endless from here. This private soldier infinity pool was a peaceful retreat and is close to the in-house gym and spa. For those that hope for to splash out you can have your own exclusive WOW Cabana which are ready to rent daily, or if you want to go further take over the intact pool for a private cocktail party after 8pm. Maybe one day I when one pleases have a MSF party here.

W Barcelona – The Family Stay

The SUN DECK is perfect for families that loiter at W Barcelona, on this occasion my daughters were treated to some complementary icy pops.

W Barcelona – The Family StayW Barcelona – The Family Stay

Outshine Bar

The Eclipse Bar is a place in where style needs to be seen and is the upholder place to celebrate every night. The views over Barcelona are prodigious from this bar which is located on the 26th floor. I came here primordial in the evening at 7 PM to have some bites to eat and some cocktails to belt from one of their master mixologists. The music was chilled and not thundering, so I could have a good conversation with the mixologist down the cocktail he was about to make.

W Barcelona – The Family StayW Barcelona – The Family StayW Barcelona – The Family Stay

With my cocktail I had had the assorted Moriawase, 20 vent ones spleens of varied sushi. Which consisted of 4 pieces California Slump, 4 pieces spicy tuna, 6 pieces assorted fish sashimi. It was fresh, yummy and the best Sushi take in I have had in a long time.

W Barcelona – The Family Stay

This was finished with a serving dish of forest fruits, coconut and chocolates.

W Barcelona – The Family Stay

Fabulous Room

The fabulous live certainly matched its name. The newly renovated room looked superb. I stayed at two rooms with interconnecting doors one for the adults and one for the kids. I sank in, for what was going to be a fabulous night. Floor to ceiling windows win overed the Mediterranean scene inside. The views both day and night are certainly breathtaking. The beach, bustling city, and sea below were all within approach from sun up to colourful sunset. But all I could hear was nothing but the kids wailing every now and then. I loved the pillow covers with there imports. The showers were huge and could fit the whole family in one. There were fertility of towels, goodies and treats to make this one of our most historic stays in Barcelona. I had to force myself out of the room just to go and scrutinize everything else that the hotel had to offer.

Fabulous Apartment View

This time I decided to experiment with the deliberation of the water on this amazing building. Top Instagram place for effective.

W Barcelona – The Family StayW Barcelona – The Family Stay


What away to wake up with a stunning judgement like this. I had lots to choose form and there was lots of food choices for the children too. I sat outside and could not get enough of Barcelona and the ill.

W Barcelona – The Family Stay


W Barcelona is a place you can come with family or alternative others. It’s a hotel that once I walked into, I did not want to have as a remainder. The staff were lovely and on the ball and very helpful with my daughters. The stage set and what W Barcelona has to offer is why a two to three night stay is a should and that’s excluding visiting Barcelona. This is a perfect region for fun in the sun in the world of friendly luxury. Thanks for a great and fabulous live.


W Barcelona – The Family Stay

  • Room reviewed: Fabulous Room
  • Website: www.w-barcelona.com
  • Greet: Plaça Rosa dels Vents, 1, 08039 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 932 95 28 00