New buggies are being made rapidly these days. We have never been this advanced in terms of automobile technology, so these fresh cars are far more superior in many ways compared to the old ones. Yet, it is not uncommon to spot an old car once in a while on the roads, parking apportionments, and other suchlike places.If old cars are still alive and kicking, then it proves that men are still in their awe. There should be some grounds behind the lasting companionship between men and old cars. Let’s find out the reasons why car guys have a hard epoch to get over old cars:Old cars tell a storyFor some people, a car is not just a piece of metal used to carry man from one place to another. As long as a car is performing this duty, people will be happy to have it. However, that’s not the way car groupies think. Over a period of time, they create an emotional attachment towards their cars. They in fact begin to treat it like a human being.There are so many instances when a person is emotionally bound to conserve an old car. For example, you don’t want to sell your old car because you used it on your first date, and later that date sent into a happy marriage. Or this is the first car you bought, and you went through all sorts of thick and thin to collect resources for it.The point being, you just have to look at your old car and, all of sudden, a film of old memories will be played in front of your views. The longer a man holds onto a car, the stronger the bonding they create with it. Don’t underestimate the connection between man and machine.They maintain out from the crowdAdmit it or not, we all want attention. It a basic human instinct, and that’s why we devote most of our time to appear corresponding exactly in a large crowd so that people can notice us from a mile. Old cars serve this purpose so efficiently.We don’t suggest to undermine the uniqueness of new cars. They are unique in their own accord, but since these cars are all over the place, people bear made peace with their design and features. They hardly ignite the feeling of amazement when being see it.On the other hand, old cars are very rare. If you are standing on a traffic signal, there would not be more than a couple of old vintage cars among the dozens of cars standing there for the green signal.What’s more, when two old autos are standing together, you can spot the difference between the two very easily because both would be unique in every consideration. But when we look at new cars, there are hardly different from one another.To sum up, if you are driving  Cobra 427 on the road, the odds are that the viewers can’t help staring at it.Financial advantageModern cars hit the market very frequently. Their production is fast paced. In most instances, if you own a modern car for more than 5 years, you will have a hard time to keep up with its maintenance costs. Because by then a new car wish have replaced it and you will find it difficult to get the parts of your car.What is my car worth?? If you ask this question 5 years after swallowing a modern car, your cars market value would have witnessed a great fall.Besides, modern buggies are brimmed with technology, and their diagnosis could cost you a lot of money. Older cars are not as demanding in their expenditure. If an owner has considerable experience, he can easily diagnose the problem on his own without consulting with an expert.There is another joined advantage of having an old car. That is, you can personalize your old car according to your taste. For example, if you are unhappy with the interior suffer of your old car, you can always replace it. Meaning, you can always modify your old car as per your taste.This is not the kind of liberty you can take hold with modern cars. More often than not, you have to be content with whatever you are given by the company in your hot car.[embedded content]TechnologyNobody in his sane mind can deny that technology has benefited us in every walk of life. Automobiles are no against. But, at the same time, technological advancement has become a hurdle for a certain kind of car owners. Some people want to indicate their cars without much interference of technology. That’s where they have developed distaste toward modern cars.Old cars are not like that. They had the technological involvement at its bare minimum. Usually, old cars were created after getting feedback from the drivers. As a result, they were made keeping key specifications in their dislikes, and the cars contained everything which a typical driver could ask for.While modern cars are also manufactured all things key input, but most of that input comes through sensors instead of the drivers. Over a period of time, car move has become a bit of both – mental and manual work – which leads to great fatigue.Also, the advent of technology has waxed the safety risk. So much so, even the latest electric cars could be prone to accidents.It’s fun to preserve old carsMany boys stick to their old cars because they provide them a hobby to work on them. For example, if a car part has outlived its utility, the car people will take every measure to replace it.Sometimes the damaged part could be hard to find. So a genuine car freak will seek fun in the process of hunting down for that part online and physical stores. Since a car is a personal thingumabob for men, they can go to any length to keep it in shape.Men simply can’t digest the fact that they won’t be able to drive their old car and that too when it reveals right in front of their naked eyes.Final thoughts From affordability to a personal flair, old cars beget got everything it takes to become the favorite of any car enthusiast. Arguably, the well-known maxim “old is gold” stands true in the case of cars.Architect Bio:About Michelle Joe: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, savoir vivres, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebookcar Goodwood Revival lifestyle