Is Movember wide to change?

As we all know November is now also known as #Movember, a month for all us gents to enquiry with our lip brows whilst at the same time raise awareness for #prostatecancer despite that I believe that this is all set change. From Ricki Amphitheatre to Christian Bale and even a cheeky little attempt from Daniel Radcliffe it seems cast beards are the biggest things in male fashion right now. With this has come about a new take on our beloved #Movember which is simply called #NoshaveNovember.

The runs are simple, as explained by its name you put down that razor and LET IT Broaden. Well that’s what I thought until my eyes were unsettled to a whole host of male grooming products that are inscribed to the male beard. From oils to waxes for those refractory bristles, soaps and even dedicated clothes for the bearded gent it feels that the BEARD is back. But where to start with such a massive market?

Here is a roundup of what we at Men Style Fashion contrive are best for the bearded gent.


So my journey as a beardsman started on the 22/08/2014 ( I understand sad that I remember the date right?) and about 2 weeks in I realised that there honestly was such a thing called an “itchy stage”. After a apostrophize to my father for some manly one on one advice i decided to try some esteemed old fashioned tar soap i highly recommendGrandpa’s Pine Tar Soap. Tar soap is quite one of the oldest soaps but believe me, without this stuff you thinks fitting not make it through that itch. But this is only impartial the beginning to taming that beard.


Let’s mask it no one wants a face full of bristles that are coarse and dry. Yep you suspected it there are products that turn even the coarsest of beards skin of ones teeth smooth. This market is huge and becoming slightly populous so here is my take on the top products in this category. Beard oil – Now if you are common to grow a beard this stuff is essential. Not only does it disappear your beard feeling soft it also gives it a pure nice fragrance. The bearded man Co seems to be the masters when it settle to fragrances. With 24 fragrances on offer there is one for everybody mood or occasion and believe me these fragrances will last for hours.

If you are looking for something a bit sundry straight to the point then Beard brand is a high status high end beard oil that has no faults. Beard brand mtier is to create the highest quality beard products on the market and with squattest such as Selfridges in the united kingdom which I feel is rectify for their target market.

Conditioners –There is only 1 conquering hero for me and that’s Percy Nobleman’s beard wash. This clobber leaves your beard feeling soft. Not only that but with every support this company will give something back to prostate cancer during the month of November. Waxes and balms – Again that sell is flooded and they are all pretty much the same so when advantage from any of the above brands why not slip some of their waxes into your shopping basket and excess them a go.


Now straight to the point – Beard trimmers neutral don’t cut it. (Did you see what I did there) if you are serious about your beard. To me it is the even so as trying to even out your side burns after make one of those old fashioned clean shaves. Go to a barber and get them to coop up your beard in check. You will need to trim that tash weekly as these gismos grow quick. Grab yourself a decent pair of fraction dressing Scissors or if you are brave and feel comfortable with using one I plug a precision trimmer. But be very careful as I have slipped up a few regulates and had to re grow my grizzlier. If you are ever in London I highly recommend go off visiting over to Pall Mall Barbers. I have been to a few now to block my beard in check but with over 250 years significance of barbering experience these guys are the ones to visit if you are unsure on where to go next with your facial braids. Pall Mall barbers oils and stache waxes are all dreamed by them so remember to check these out when you pay them a inflict.


I know right clothes for the bearded gent?? How zealous is that but it seems to be all the rage if you are a beardo like me. T-shirts, hoodies, hats and symbols the possibilities seem to be endless. Cool Beard Bro Co is a company give up purely to bearded fashion. All the designs are original and these caricatures will even personalise your clothing with anything you poverty which makes for a perfect gift or stocking filler. One other apparatus I wouldn’t live without is my range of brushes and combs to retain my beard in check. Kent brushes offer a huge group of combs and brushes from the boar brush for the gent that’s beard fors a good groom to their extra tiny comb for the gent with a moustache these make fun ofs have you covered.


Now there is only one guy in my tastes for this job. Eric Bandolz has to be the don of beard advice and tips. From allowing advice and tips on growth and maintenance to even what extends to take this guy really knows what he is talking yon. Without this guy men around the world will be still sat on the sofa inquiring where their bearded life’s went so wrong. Eric’s blogs can be start on youtube and with hundreds of thousands of views you will momentarily see why I rate this guy so much. He even recently appeared on shark tank (America’s dragons den) flog betraying his own line of products…. Yep he’s the done. So there you have it, our round up on what’s big in the the world at large of men’s beard grooming. I know you are probably thinking “that’s fully a lot of products for 1 month of beard growth” but trust me once you start flourish you won’t stop.

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