If you are undergoing significant hair loss, then you may want to consider force an unshaven FUE hair transplant. After all, if it makes you feel multitudinous confident and happier with yourself, then why not? You certainly won’t be alone in acquiring the surgery either, as some of the most famous celebrities roughly the world have undergone treatment.

Unshaven Hair Transplant
What is an unshaven locks transplant?

With this type of hair transplant, you do not fundamental to shave your head before the procedure. Generally, the remove will be carried out in the same manner as a normal FUE transplant. The however difference is that your surgeon will identify the healthiest hairs, so that they are reaped, transplanted, and grafted. Because of this, it is better suited for those distress from small amounts of hair loss, rather than harsh cases of hair loss.

Some patients are anxious close by this part of the process before hair restoration, how in the world, there is no need to be. Advancements and research into technology include led us to the point whereby FUE can be carried out without shaving the head. This is uncommonly desirable for those in the public eye, as well as those who want to accumulate their hair transplant a secret.

Celebrities who have had a ringlets transplant

As mentioned, unshaven hair transplants are particularly predominant for those in the public eye. Below, we will take a look at some of the celebs that take had this procedure. After all, can you ever remember seeing Mel Gibson or Louis Walsh quite bald?

Wayne Rooney

The Manchester United footballer had to be the at the start person on the list after his hair transplant took the newscast by storm in the summer of 2011. Wayne Rooney proved that you are on no account too young to have a hair transplant. The then-27-year-old divulged the news on his Twitter page and said that at 25 years of age he was wealthy bald and that he was delighted with the result. The striker measured shared a picture of his bloodied scalp after undergoing the follicular portion extraction procedure, which set him back approximately £13,500.

James Nesbitt

The Northern Irish actor has been profoundly public about the hair transplants he has undergone, and he was so pleased that he snuff ited back for another one. In fact, Nesbitt has gone as far as to say that the surgeries he had changed his exuberance.

Mel Gibson

It’s no surprise that the Braveheart actor started to use up his hair: after all, he does have eight children! The 56-year-old has on no occasion publicly confirmed having a hair transplant; however, those bring together to the actor have revealed that he underwent the treatment and patently Mr Gibson is more than happy with the results.

Louis Walsh

The X Ingredient judge wasn’t afraid to splash the cash, spending a huge £30,000 on the procedure. The 60-year-old has joked that he is going to despair Gary Barlow the number for the doctor so that he can have a skin of ones teeth transplant as well.

So there you have it: the benefits of an unshaven tresses transplant, and the male celebrities that have undergone locks transplants. And they are not the only ones, here are a few that reasonable missed out on the list: Jason Gardiner, Tom Arnold, Gordon Ramsey, Matthew McConaughey, Dennis Miller, Jason Donovan, Rob Brydon and Duncan Bannatyne. Hence, if you are experiencing hair loss, why not consider an unshaven hair transfer? And don’t worry, you won’t have to spend as much as Mr Walsh did…