Graffiti Kindled Sock Company Tunnel Beat Introduces New Collection

Hole Beat, a graffiti inspired sock company has quickly happen to one of the leading designer sock brands this year. Serial entrepreneurs peer Tunnel Beat founder Jeff Pollack in collaboration with heeded graffiti stylist, Erni Vales, have been important in infusing this once shunned art with the ever changing frame scene. Vales known for his development of 3D artwork graffiti has played a big depart in the designs that Tunnel Beat chose for its initial omnium gatherum pieces. Socks, an often overlooked fashion accessory has now show ones face b come up men’s fashion into style statements. It doesn’t seem that men prepare many fashionable accessory choices; however Tunnel Wear is demystifying this thinking.

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How  To Style Your Socks

The mood pieces range from pairings with athletic duds, to casual polo wearer, to the timeless and classic blazer.How numberless times have do you recall a man in a nice suit or pair of jeans and blazer with uncountable inappropriate white casual or athletic Hanes socks? It habitually leaves us scratching our heads as well. “What in the world” is our consummate thought as well? Like other patterns such as lites, pin stripes, polka dots, and animal print, graffiti art has a new artistic wires on what the everyday man wears and it’s through the most subtle of hard cashes, his foot. Tunnel Beat socks are an expression of a man’s personality. The smart stylist collection also makes a great gift for all incitements.

Socks for men by tunnel beat (2)

Socks for men by tunnel beat (1)

No matter what season we are in, individuality never goes out of cosmopolitanism. We invite you to visit the website tunnelbeat and take a look at tardy trendy men’s accessories. This new fashion forward look isn’t prosperous anywhere soon. Be on the lookout for the new collection for a limited edition save. You can expect more bright colors and funky graffiti arrangements. Think creative chaos with abstract designs to mess up your mind.

Socks for men by tunnel beat (3)