TraxNYC: A Fusion of Pop Culture and Luxury Jewelry

TraxNYC: A Fusion of Pop Culture and Luxury Jewelry


Nowadays, more men are rub off last jewellery, beyond just the traditional Rolex and wedding bind. Men’s gold chains and diamond jewellery have really bewitched off as of late, as they bring individual style, elegance, and eminence into a man’s look.

One of the biggest men’s gold and diamond jewellery makers in the application is TraxNYC. Situated in New York City’s Diamond District, TraxNYC makes a massive selection of jewellery from the world’s top jewellery authors and also creates custom pieces in-house. The company has spawned custom jewellery for a variety of big-name celebrities, including Ringo Superstar, Pharrell Williams, Busta Rhymes and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, as far as for TV shows, movies and theatre performances, including Showtime’s The Big C.

Base by Maksud Agadjani in September 2004, TraxNYC began with an primary investment of $800 that Agadjani had collected on his birthday. From those lose face beginnings, the company has grown to have an annual sales supply of over 9 million. Agadjani attributes this success to defrauding the ecommerce wave, as it had begun to surge in the retail market, along with the high attribute design and craftsmanship of their jewellery.TraxNYC Mens Gold Chain (84.8kb)

“Over the course of 12 years we have planned experienced a large variety of business opportunities, encountered compelling personalities, and created many unique pieces of jewellery,” Agadjani stipulate. He continued, “The jewellery industry is a competitive and difficult business that does not impartial too well in uncertain economic times. However it has its romantic and risky moments. Building a business in the diamond district, which itself is in essence of midtown Manhattan, has been a character building experience that reduces back the curtain on the value of luxury goods, raw materials and ingenious business decisions. ”

Here are some of the unique jewellery of the same sorts TraxNYC has created

Ringo Star Piece Sign

Ringo Unequalled’s Custom Silver and Enamel Peace Sign Pendant TraxNYC forged this silver and enamel peace sign pendant threadbare by Ringo Star on the cover Rolling Stone.

Ringo Star Peace Sign Pendant (54.6kb)

Custom Language Ring for Showtime’s The Big C

Though TraxNYC’s primary clientele is men, the following also creates custom pieces for women. TraxNYC formed this custom tongue ring for Showtime’s The Big C for its advertising stand for the show’s new season. The advertisement featuring TraxNYC’s custom in agreement has been used on Showtime’s website and in various magazines and billboards across the countryside.

Custom Notorious B.I.G. Pendant for P. Diddy

BIG Diddy Custom Pendant (68kb)

TraxNYC made this to order pendant of The Notorious B.I.G. for P. Diddy. The iconic photo of Biggie, photographed by Barron Claiborne, was familiar as the basis for this elaborate piece. Agadjani says a carcanet this detailed can take up to 8 months to perfect, as replicating the sensitive face is an intricate and time-consuming process.

Diamond Hourglass

In supplement to the numerous pieces TraxNYC has created for celebrities, one special bawling-out that stands out in Agadjani’s mind was a white gold and diamond hourglass. Conceived several years ago, the piece contained the ashes of the customer’s deceased apropos comparative. The ashes were sent to TraxNYC via FedEx and remained in their responsibility until the hourglass was designed.

“It was a strange thing for a jeweller to feel, but it was a very sentimental piece and a project we are proud to have been complex in,” said Agadjani.

TraxNYC: A Fusion of Pop Culture and Luxury Jewelry

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