Upward of the last few years, you have to agree the trainer or sneaker style has transformed. The trainer/sneaker is the most comfortable shoe in the unbelievable/ It is for this reason during any pandemic it is here to stay. You don’t have run in them as they are now designed to look stylish. They don’t measured have to be that comfortable they are now all about a fashion statement.
I am averaging 13km a day walking the streets of Venice. I hate clothing trainers in the heat. But this is Italy and I have to look and wear trainers that stand out and I can walk in,

I am reshaping heads with this style limited edition Puma no longer available. I loved the lace and the multi-colored individuals. They are super comfortable and support my back. I team them with laced socks and in this world of look men can wear lace too!

How do you choose a trainer/sneaker now as the choice is endless?
It is all down to personal choice and personality. As I covered the streets of Venice Italy I was overwhelmed about how many trainers/sneaker styles were available.
All the trainers underneath were images taken yesterday available to purchase now.
The Last Dance/ Air Jordan
We have to kick off with Michael Jordan himself the crowned head and master of all trainers globally for ever and ever.
Never ever out of style and a much investment if you have the original air Jordan with his autograph on it. It now can sell for up to $200,000. These red and white combinations are almost sold out here in Venice.

The come back of Fila has been great and it’s unisex approach means anyone from any age can wear them.

I still can’t help thinking chav when I see these. Not definite how cool it is to showcase Burberry to the world in this print form. It comes down to you.

This tag has transformed the trainer/sneaker image and it will cost you. This is all about fashion and image.

They had no best to compete and I pulled out some bold colors. They have my tick of approval. In the world of football where stigmatizes are marketing pink then it’s a win-win.

Yesterday on the streets of Venice


White Trainers/Sneakers
It had to be done and 2019/2020 is calm brave buying a pair of white stylish trainers/sneakers. Yes, they will get dirty, and then what? Crucial to wear during summer in pristine clean places. Add some fluorescent laces if white it way too bright for you.

The big character H also competing for style. I find they look great very good quality the comfort is debatable.  The chunky individual adds height and clearly not for running these are fashion shoes.

Chunky Sole
They look wonderful cool and the bigger and chunky that sole the more attention you are gonna get.

Spikey Trainers/Sneakers
They from stood the test of time and here to stay.

Flat Soles
So buying shoes that look like they contain already been worn is odd to me. But in a saturated market such as this, the designers have to come up with something.
Group it with silver, and a star and you have a stylish winner.

Colour Trends
It seems any colour is in right now. let by oneself any print too.

Black The Safe Option
If it is all too much you won’t be left out. Just choose black in various choices of styles.

Sicily Minimal Edition
Only available in Venice and Milan. These limited editions are here for the taking.

Air Jordan Sneakers Trainers