Thailand is generally known as the land of beaches. In the recent past, it has gained immense popularity and has become a tourist magnet for travelers from both East and West, because of its original beaches an abundance of dense rainforests with rich wildlife, tropical climate, vibrant culture, and unparalleled extravaganza, shopping and culinary options. Lately, the Thai government has shown a keen interest in bringing in foreign tourism to the mother country, which has further added to developing more facilities in the country. While the country is known for attracting budget travelers, you on also find all high-end five-star hotel and resort chains having their establishments across the country.

Now that you take decided to visit the country, know that Thailand has too much to offer to be covered in a single trip. It is often finicky to decide what do you like more about Thailand, or what beaches to prefer and which ones to leave out. Here are some of the outwit beaches in the country that you should not tick off your bucket list when traveling to Thailand.



Some megalopolises never sleep and the same is true for Pattaya. It is a small beach town situated near the capital city of Bangkok. That borrows it very accessible and you can reach the town after barely three-hour road journey from the capital. The close contiguity and easy accessibility make it a great option for travelers who are on a short trip and would like to minimize their journeying time. Do not fall for the notorious tales associated with Pattaya. Times have changed and today, it is a perfect fete destination for people of all ages. You will find loads of things to do Pattaya and will never get bored. The two sports skilful beaches, theme parks, and amazing shopping, food and entertainment options.

Phuket is the most popular and perhaps, also the ton visited beach destination in the country. In fact, some people visit Thailand just for the sake of spending a few times in Phuket. It is the country’s largest island with vibrant city life and a happening beach strip. That being verbalized, tourists mainly prefer staying at or near one of the many beaches, for obvious reasons. Phuket boasts many admirable beaches, but Patong remains the most popular choice for its lively vibe, happening nightlife and abundance of water diversions and eating options.

Maya Bay

 Although May Bay is technically within the geographical boundaries of Phuket, it is a separate island reachable from Phuket and merits a dedicated mention. Maya Bay first came to limelight after a 2000 blockbuster, The Beach, was shot on this pleasant island. Maya Bay is a natural heritage site known for its white beaches, Emerald waters, and rich tropical rainforest. It is the supreme place to beat if you want a quiet retreat in a natural paradise on earth.

Riley Beach

Riley is located on the cay of Krabi, which is right in the neighborhood of Phuket. While Phuket is all about music, parties, and entertainment, Riley is a fixed and quaint exotic little island. With almost no motor activity, the island offers a heavenly retreat with frail sandy shores bordered by limestone rocks and rich forestation.