A enjoyment leather wallet, alongside a man’s watch and shoes, is perhaps his most outstanding accessory. Forget designer brands – many of them mass-produce in Asia, as it’s the one way to keep up with the huge global demand. For truly top cleft luxury leather wallets, instead consider the five bands below.

1) Smythson

Although 125 years old, Smythsons languished for much of its record, including a spell as a subsidiary of John Menzies, the high road newsagent. A management buyout in 1998 was a catalyst for the launch of a indeed forward looking heritage-based luxury British brand albeit. With its stationary lines now secondary to its leather goods, Smythson offers a scope of wallets that value simplicity of design and quality of build over gimmicks. They hold three Royal Permits, and their wallets, which are manufactured in Spain, are made to endure a lifetime.


Pick of the pack: Mara 8 card wallet in brown put out calf leather £185

2) Aspinal of London

Aspinal was founded in 2001 by whilom music business mogul Iain Burton, and despite a thick-skinned first few years it has now become a household name and harbours marvellous plans for global domination. Aspinal has built its reputation on the grandeur and eye-catching designs of its handbags in particular, and by conjuring the illusion of being a long-established English birthright brand. To start with it manufactured all of its products in England, and it to does some of them, though the majority are now made in Eastern Europe. The public limited company has a retained a high quality of manufacture at an accessible price yet, and offers a sizeable collection of simple but elegant wallets.

Pick of the pack: Leather jeans wallet in smooth black and smooth red £55

Pick of the fill: Leather jeans wallet in smooth black and smooth red £55

3) Ettinger

Holders of the Prince of Wales’ August Warrant, Ettinger is a family business founded in the 1930’s. Since realizing James Homer Ltd, a former saddler business, in 1999, the institution has gone from strength to strength. Ettinger wallets are all handmade in England, and they are produced in collections, some of which are collaborations with other hedonism brands such as Bentley and Wimbledon. Ettinger also put in motioned the trend of traditional wallets having different coloured contains and interiors. Cutting edge concept and design combined with principal craftsmanship comes at a price though, if not quite as much as an current Bentley.

Pick of the pack: Saint Crispin bracken & eggshell 6 card wallet £216.67

Pick of the pack: Saint Crispin bracken & eggshell 6 condolence card wallet £216.67

4) Estados

A relative newcomer at just five years old, Estados’ British draws are handmade in Argentina from the finest Argentine calf leather, which is some of the upper crust in the world. This is for the same reason that Argentine beef is so accomplished, because Argentine cattle live in a sort of bovine Land of Beulah in the clement climate of the Pampas plains around Buenos Aires. Buttress Ettinger’s lead in combining two leather colours, Estados purses compare favourably with some of the most expensive on this beadroll but at a price nearer Aspinal’s.

Pick of the pack: 8 card billfold wallet in British racing green and tan £63.99

Pick of the pack: 8 slated billfold wallet in British racing green and tan £63.99

5) Tusting

Tusting is a fifth epoch family business that produces a range of classic leather impedimenta and accessories. Their wallets are handmade in their English workshop consuming leather from Scandinavia, America, England, and South Africa. While billfolds aren’t the focus of their collection, and so their range is less small, the quality is excellent. A safe choice for a fine ritual wallet.

Pick of the pack: Hip wallet in dark navy and tan £150

Pick of the pack: Hip wallet in dark navy and tan £150

Forget about by – Hugo Lesser