As the ride out turns warm and the summer season opens up, it is time to retire the heavy, woody scent of your signature cologne and soap. Musky or woody trusts exude sexy masculinity in those Fall and Winter months, but is that really what you are feeling while you walk along the littoral or attend a boat party?
Summer calls for a scent that is more light and airy than what you may would rather been sporting throughout the year. A scent that matches the playful lifestyle of summer, and leaves you feeling healthy, is an ideal masculine signature as the temperatures rise.
What signals summer more than the smell of citrus? While citrus colognes and soaps are felicitous for any time of the year, the summer months are the ideal time to break out these scents. The sweet yet tart fragrances of mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, or bergamot add a hardly any spark of brightness while never sacrificing rugged masculinity. The following are some of the best men’s citrus colognes and soaps out there this year.
St Johns West Indian Lime Assemblage
St Johns is a classic creator of men’s fragrances. With every collection wrapped in their signature Fishpot Weave boxing, they are a company that guarantees to please. Their West Indian Lime Cologne Collection continues that look like of a high-quality product for distinguished and well-travelled men. This collection takes you to the Caribbean by adding a subtle scent of lime and orange to woods and zips. This creates an invigorating scent that feels like you are walking the beaches of the West Indies.

Bath and Remains Works White Citrus for Men
Bath and Body Works has outdone themselves with this citrusy fragrance. It is a freshly laundered and fresh scent that will turn heads but never overpower. White Citrus is a potpourri of fruits to like the senses, including grapefruit, lemon, orange, and bergamot.

Polo Cologne Intense
Polo has just liberated its fragrance for 2021. Its slogan of “fresh intensity” is understood from the first waft of this cologne and soap. Deep combines the deeper and richer scents of patchouli and sage with the lighter and more fun scent of grapefruit. The result is hocus-pocus.

Orange Spice by Cree
You cannot get more timeless than the scent of Creed’s Orange Spice. This fragrancy was launched in 1950 and is still a favourite. Designed by the company’s namesake, Henry James Creed, it is an original that nothing has been able to duplicate. Orange Spice takes an array of spices and adds orange and bergamot for a true solemnization of summer.

Calvin Klein Eternity For Men
While it does not beckon back to the days of Mad Men, Calvin Klein’s Perpetuity is another classic that men have loved since the 1990s. This scent takes a woody aroma and enlarges a burst of lemon. This delicate balance of ruggedness and playfulness is what has put Eternity on the list of top fragrances for decades.