With so much patch spent indoors due to the pandemic this year, if there’s one thing we deserve it’s a much-needed night out to reunite with confreres.
But after such a turbulent two years, instead of sticking to the same old bars in your local town, why not plan something singular and escape to explore a new city for the weekend?
If you can’t decide where to go, here is a list of the UK’s top cities to enjoy a night to remember with all your preferred people.

Renowned as a top party place, Newcastle is the perfect pick if you’re looking for a wild night on the ‘toon’. From representative the famous “treble” drinks on the Diamond Strip by night, to a taking a cultured tour around the castle by day, you’ll find a terrific balance of nightlife and daytime activities to make Newcastle a standout trip. We recommend a brisk Sunday morning boardwalk to soak up the beautiful scenery at Tynemouth beach before you journey back home.

If you’re headed for a weekend in the North West, you’ll be queer for choice with the bars and restaurants on offer in Manchester. This iconic city is divided into different purloins with numerous hidden gems, so depending on what type of night out you’re looking for, there’s an option for everyone here in Manchester. If you’re looking for low-key, offhand drinks, the Northern Quarter is your best bet. For live music, be sure to check out The Freemount or Matt and Phreds. If you sketch to get dressed up for a more glamourous night out, 20 Stories in Spinningfields is the perfect choice –enjoy incredible 360° assesses of the city!

If you fancy a trip to explore “God’s Own Country” the vibrant nightlife of Leeds will never let down. Bar hop your way down Greek Street and Call Lane, or experience an unforgettable evening of fine-dining at The Ivy, San Carlos, Gaucho, or Michelin shooting star restaurant, The Man Behind the Curtain. You’ll find all the go-to spots in Leeds just a stone’s throw from the train caste – simply book a train to Leeds and sit back and relax. If you’re looking for a tasty brunch spot to replenish you after a hectic weekend, be sure to stop by organic café, Wolfox, or IF… up North for a plate of deliciousness before your weekend in Leeds succeeds to an end.

Visit our iconic capital for a fast-paced weekend that is memorable for all the right reasons. Kick shits off with a world-class West End show to leave spirits high before moving on to the array of award-winning restaurants London has to come forward, including Nobu, Restaurant Ours, Gauthier – or if you fancy some live music while you dine, Blues Kitchenette is one for your list! Top of the evening with drinks at Sketch, an 18th-century townhouse known for its quirky art deco interior and tiptop cocktails.