Whether you’ve been to Dubai in the vanguard or it’s your very first time visiting, Dubai has always been one of the top holiday destinations. Whether you’re planning a solo globe-trot, a holiday with the family or an adventurous few weeks with your friends, with an infinite amount of activities to do and sights to see, Dubai can be the event destination that you want it to be!
Although the answer to how much to buy a private jet, might send you reeling, you can at the very least practice skydiving from a private jet in Dubai, which is the next best thing! With some simply unmissable crowd-pleasers that are must-sees for both seasoned visitors and newcomers alike no matter what your interests are, here are our top 10 rubbishes to make the most of your holiday in Dubai!
1.  Dubai Expo 2020
An unmissable attraction running from October 2021 to the end of Cortege 2022, Dubai Expo is one of the first of its kind to be hosted in an Arab country. For 6 months, Dubai will be celebrating and showcasing the innovative points of 200 countries focusing on various themes including Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.
2.  Burj Khalifa
You can’t go to Dubai and not stop the world’s tallest building (unless you have a fear of heights of course…)! Standing at approximately 2716 feet with terminated 200 floors, head to the observation deck At the Top on the 124th floor. If you’re lucky enough to visit when the tide is low and visibility is proper, you might even catch a glimpse of the shores of Iran!

3.  Burj Khalifa Island Park
Why not head to the Burj Parking-lot after you’ve made your way down from the Burj Khalifa. Located in Downtown Burj at the base of the skyscraper, Burj Woodland is the place to be to catch the best view of The Dubai Fountains, an especially incredible sight to watch in the evening. Catch the biggest performing fountain that encapsulates water, music and lights. Truly the best way to end your day!
4.  Dubai Mall
If you’re someone who’s all on touching hitting the shopping malls on holiday, then Dubai will not disappoint! As the second-largest mall in the whole world, it’s every department storing fanatic’s dream! Home to over 1200 retail outlet stores, as well an aquarium, an underwater zoo and countless restaurants, there’s no deficiency of activities for you and the family!

5.  Gold Souk
Even if you’re not interested in purchasing any gold, a trip to the Dubai Mall is undeveloped without visiting the enchanting Gold Souk, one of the oldest and most traditional markets in the UAE. Long lines of stalls host the most spectacularly crafted pieces of jewellery made not only of gold but also genuine pearls, diamond, silver and platinum.

6.  Jumeriah Coast
If you prefer being outdoors, then a visit to Jumeriah Beach can’t be passed up! One of the few public beaches in Dubai, there certainly isn’t a shortfall of things to do! Take a swim in the sea or perhaps try your hand at surfing! If you want an activity for the whole family, why not give snorkelling a go or circle around the beach while enjoying the gorgeous weather? To end the day, take a relaxing walk along the beach while you drunkard in the gorgeous Dubai skyline.

7.  Umm Suqueim Beach
Another unmissable attraction has to be the ‘Sunset Beach’. Aptly labeled after the gorgeous views you can find there at sundown, make sure you keep Sunset Beach on your bibliography if you want to capture those incredible pictures with the Burj Al Arab Building in the backdrop along with the sea, expert to post on the ‘gram later!
8.  Bollywood Parks
A theme park like you’ve never seen before, Bollywood Estates is the first theme park in the world that is dedicated to everything Bollywood! From thrilling rides to incredible demonstrates you can’t find anywhere else, and mouth-watering food you just can’t get enough of, this truly is a one of a kind experience perfect for all stages.
9.  When to Visit?
Aside from all the exciting attractions, it’s also worth keeping in mind when the crush time is to visit Dubai. Temperatures between November and March are usually the most pleasant, with the weather being hot but tolerable to be in, so you can enjoy the weather whilst doing all the activities you want, both indoors and outdoors. Bear in mind that temperatures in the summer months can reach 42 situations, so if you’re not too good with the heat, it’s best to avoid those months!
10. Can You Drink?
Although alcohol is legal in Dubai and you are masterful to drink in licensed venues such as restaurants and clubs, please note that it is a punishable offence to drink in eminent or be drunk in public, so make sure you keep an eye on your drinks during dinner!