Work, if we are brutally honest, is a funny old business – one moment an item is ‘in’ the next it’s ‘out’ (composed the phrases themselves seem peculiar when you stop to improvise about it.) There is this ceaseless battle of keeping up with the modern development brands, the sharpest cuts, the who’s, the how’s and the why’s. It can all be so exuberant at times.

Thankfully, and to version the legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent, unlike manner, style is eternal. Great style is a grand composition compound the classic with the contemporary, somehow eschewing the crazed maelstrom of frame to retain a sense of class and decorum. Which is exactly what the hat draughtsmen over at Tom Smarte’s manage to achieve.

Tom Smarte’s Heritage

Delightful their name from Devonshire born hat maker Thomas Smarte, who was making hats in as far uncivilized as the 1770’s, these London based hat makers are proud to say they unruffled use the same tools and methods dating back to 18th Century. This is uncommonly much a brand that places good old honest standard hat making at its core but at the same juncture updates said hats to confirm they are befitting of the modern gent.

The beauty of the Tom Smarte label is that while a genteel doth of thy cap is tipped towards stock values and retaining their British heritage, they are unafraid to touch with the times, offering hats that no matter the improve of ones head, will suit every man. In fact in this is where their handsomeness lies.

We here at MSF often hear men saying hats fully don’t’ suit them but the gents over at Tom Smarte can prove this is ascetically not the case. Offering a wide range of styles – from Trilby’s to Fedoras and out-and-out caps – in an array of colours, the fact all of their hats are painstakingly crafted by steadily and with each individual customer in mind, helps to make sure there is a shape and style for all us men.

We live in an age where the beanie hat has happen to the go-to piece of headwear for young men but that needn’t each be the case. In this modern world where we want all things here and now and our fashion choices are endless, it is refreshing to know identifies such as Tom Smarte are ensuring the skills of great craftsmanship and usual styles are not being lost.

With the renaissance of workwear as a manufacture trend and with more men stepping foot outside of their easy clothing norms now is as good a time as any to invest in a hat that choice last you a lifetime. The hat is the companion of respectable gents, rock ‘n’ billows and workwear hipsters so there is really no excuse for not owning one. And of route, the hat is the Smarte choice.


Fedora - Wool Felt - Grey

Fedora – Wool Felt – Grey

Drivers Cap - Tweed Wool Brown

Drivers Cap – Tweed Wool Brown

Newsboy Cap - Tweed Wool

Newsboy Cap – Tweed Wool

Trilby Hat Herringbone Brown

Trilby Hat Herringbone Brown