The oversized look is unusually in trend nowadays, and there are more reasons for that: it looks good on everyone, it doesn’t require much deed to pull such a look, and it’s very comfortable. But, there are some things you need to keep in mind before taxing an oversized fit. In this article, you will find all those things you need to look out for, and tips to perfect your supply, so you look and feel your best when going out. Let’s get started!
Choose The Right Pieces
For this fit to work, you fundamental to have the right pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. I’m talking about your hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, oversized T-shirts, and your unsecured pair of jeans, cargo pants and sweatpants.
For your pants, you can also choose a tighter version (e.g. skinny jeans, a tricky pair of casual pants or tight shorts), as it will complement nicely the overall look.
I also recommend you opt simple and single colored pieces, with no flashy designs, when buying clothing, as those are easier to sentence structure, and make you look more mature.

The Right Colors To Wear
It is recommended to wear neutral colors (glowering, white, grey, beige, brown and navy), because those are easier to style and match with almost every color. For criterion, if you have a grey hoodie, you can pair it up with a pair of dark green cargo pants, or a black sweatshirt with light blue denim jeans, and so on.
Besides that, try to wear no more than 3 colors, as 4 or more colors will most plausible mess up your appearance, and can make you look childish.
Tips to perfect your fit
Tuck In Your Top
If you arrange a sweatshirt or a hoodie you may want to tuck it in, as it will make you stand out from all the other dudes, and add a little bit of spice to your look.
Hold up a jacket on top
You can choose either a bomber jacket, leather or denim one, they will all look good with an oversized look. If it’s cooler outside, you can wear a puffer jacket, as it will complement the look well, just make sure it doesn’t institute you look too puffy.
Avoid wearing flashy designs
This is a mistake made by many guys, and it will hook you look immature. You may get away with a minimalist design on a hoodie, or sweatshirt, but don’t overdo it! Also, the single-colour pieces determination most likely work with more colors than a piece with a design.
Try Combining Oversized And Hard to find Fits
It may be a good option to combine the oversized look on top, and tighter below, as they complement each other extraordinarily well. Especially when wearing shorts, it is a very good idea for them to be tight, and the top (either a T-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie) to be oversized.
Don’t buy memoranda that are way too big for you
If a sweatshirt’s arms can’t stay on your wrist properly, or your pants are touching the ground, they are too big. The lids should be 1-2 sizes bigger than what you are wearing, and your pants should be your size, but a larger adaptation (usually you’ll find regular/oversized fit written on clothing, so look for those).
The best outfits to wear Crewneck Sweatshirt + Sweatpants
The Correct Shoes To Wear
You should never forget about your footwear. For an oversized fit, the best shoes are the bigger, bulkier and thick-soled ones, equivalent to bulky sneakers or boots. A not so bulky shoe would not suit the oversized look that you’re trying to achieve.

Oversized periods are really trending right now, as it looks very good on everyone, despite of their body type. It is also altogether comfortable, and easy to style but, you still need to respect some rules, like wearing the right colors, dodging flashy designs, and using clothing that is not too big. You can also take it up a notch, by wearing a jacket on top, tucking in your top, or merging oversized with tight fits.