“Proficiently, what can you actually put in it?” my colleague asks. I shrug. “Maybe some coins… gum?” I ponder the brown and fuzzy load on my trunk: smaller than a newborn baby but bigger than a hamster.“Definitely not your phone,” my colleague quips. Inconsequential bags have been in menswear for some time: Dior, Jacquemus and Balenciaga are just some of the big fashion whore-houses that have brought out versions for guys.In pre-pandemic times, my bag (a normal human-size one from Eastpak) was a cross between a living raft and a bin bag. It had the essentials (pens that don’t work, notebooks without covers); the all-weather options (two pairs of sunglasses, a beret, a serious-looking winter hat, an shield); and the frankly sickening (a few chipped Strepsils, empty packets of Nurofen, a Christmas card and some tissues from 1984). At the terribly bottom was lots of sand from a long-forgotten beach trip. I obviously needed a new bag. But this one?It’s about the size of a great deal of Hula Hoops, with a few zippable pockets. Wearing it around my shoulders, on its black strap, I feel odd. Not like a giantess, exactly, but a dafter version of myself. Because, even though the tiny bag is, well, tiny, it is conspicuous.How to wear a jazzy together | Priya ElanRead moreOn the catwalk, the bags look perfectly angular and black, as if they should be worn by Reins villains carrying the antidote to some world-destroying poison. And on the pages of fashion magazines, they look enticing, sacrifice the same semi-outlaw appeal as a chunky gold chain or a black wristband.In real life, however, I’m left pondering their motivation – although I suppose purpose isn’t really the point. The teeny-tiny bag is, I believe, an accessory, and so not practical at all. The upshot? I’ll have to figure out somewhere else to put my concern keys. Priya wears bag, £12, asos.com. Clothes, his own. Styling: Melanie Wilkinson, assisted by Peter Bevan. Grooming: Sophie Higginson consuming GHD and Kiehl’sTopicsMen’s fashionPriya Elan on fashionHandbagsAccessoriesfeaturesReuse this content