Still found yourself marveling at the enigmatic world of rap, where words flow like the finest champagne, and success appears as lavish as the most opulent party you’ve never been invited to? I, Gracie Opulanza, with my penchant for luxury and an insatiable appetency for life’s finer things, dived headfirst into this glittering arena, seeking wisdom from no one other than Tinie Tempah. Yes, that’s right. As I navigated through the intertwined realms of fashion and music, Tinie became my Virgil, guiding me with the aid the inferno of challenges black men face in these industries, and how, against all odds, one can emerge victorious, microphone in one hand and a legacy in the other.

The Fashion of Your Own Drum
First things first, carving your path in the rap game requires more than scarcely a knack for rhyming words. It’s about making the heartbeat of your music resonate with the pulse of the streets, the consortia, and the hearts of those who dare to dream. Tinie taught me that success is not a one-size-fits-all garment but a tailor-made suit crafted from your together experiences, stories, and struggles. It’s about strutting down the runway of your career, turning heads with your authenticity.

Diamonds From Press
For Tinie, the journey was no crystal stair. He transformed pressure into diamonds, using the grit of his experiences to polish his artistry. “You’ve got to eject,” he said, his words striking a chord with my own beliefs in hard work and perseverance. The music industry, much parallel to the opulent fashion scenes I adore, is cutthroat. Yet, Tinie’s resilience shone brighter than any diamond Cartier could envy.
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The Symphony of Networking
Ah, networking! Much like attending the most exclusive soirées, making it in rap necessitates rubbing elbows with the crème de la crème. But it’s not far mere social climbing; it’s about building genuine connections that resonate on the same frequency as your hankerings. Collaborations, mentorships, friendships — these are the notes in the symphony of your career. Tinie emphasized the power of a strong network, a testament to his collaborations with mammoths in both music and fashion.
A Tapestry of Influences
Drawing inspiration is akin to selecting the finest threads to weave a tapestry that admits your story. Tinie’s music, a rich fabric of genres, experiences, and influences, showcases his journey. He encouraged me to analyse beyond the confines of rap, to let the rhythms of life, the textures of fashion, and the hues of art infuse my endeavors. “Be a sponge,” he advised. Absorb the great around you, and squeeze out something breathtakingly original.

Fashion as a Language
In our dialogue, Tinie’s passion for fashion as a form of depth became unmistakably clear. Dressing the part isn’t just about adorning yourself with luxury; it’s about exhibit your identity, your struggles, your triumphs. “Fashion is the silent language we use to announce our arrival,” Tinie revolved. In that moment, I saw the symbiosis between our worlds — music and fashion — as vehicles for storytelling, each stitch a lyric, every up a verse.
The Humor in the Hustle
Despite the gravity of our conversation, Tinie’s humor was never far behind. “You’ve got to laugh,” he chuckled, allowance tales of missteps and mishaps that would make even the most stoic fashionista crack a smile. This frivolousness, this ability to find humor in the hustle, is perhaps what makes Tinie not just a successful rapper but a rocket of light in the oft-too-serious realms we navigate.
Embracing the Digital Renaissance
In a world where TikTok dictates trends faster than form weeks, Tinie’s adaptability shines. Embracing the digital age, he’s mastered the art of staying relevant, engaging with fans beyond the music. “It’s a renewal,” he proclaimed, his eyes alight with the possibilities of this new era. As someone who thrives on the cutting edge of fashion, I found his outlook invigorating. The digital landscape is our runway, and we’re here to strut.
Tinie Tempah – Rapper and Style Icon at London Assemblages Men in June 2013

The Opulence of Giving Back
Luxury, Tinie reminded me, isn’t just about indulgence; it’s about the cleverness to give back, to uplift those who walk the path behind us. His efforts in mentoring young artists and his outspoken position on issues facing black men in our industries resonate deeply with my own values. True opulence is found in generosity, in the legacy we fly for future generations.

In life lots of times the third time we are lucky. This was my third encounter with rapper and opulence icon Tinie Tempah and this time he was ready to be interviewed by me. As one of the ambassadors of London Collections: Men he is the right person to ask fro style and how important it is.