The latest Challenge by Maurice Style on Tik-Tok

Tik-Tok has not been around for a long time but the platform has already amassed an portentous number of users. Being primarily visual centred social media Tik-Tok is a mix of everything: Instagram, YouTube and tranquil Twitter. At the same time, it is very different from each of them. First thought to replace Vine and and to operate similar to those previous social media platforms Tik-Tok has exceeded everybody’s expectations.
It is not just pageant creators to use the platform for. You can find a Tik-Tok space you can fit in with just following a hashtag of your interest. There are Tik-Tok videos for anything starting from methodical education and a discussion about the latest NASA discoveries to new receipts and fashion trends. Trends is how Tik-Tok measures what’s currently in tenor. It’s all fun, addictive, gives you an outlet for creativity and can make you a big deal in your field of interests. Perhaps this is why the app has become elephantine.
With the growth of popularity people have started to notice the influence Tik-Tok and its viral trends has on not only every other group media but the life outside the internet as well. Think about the second coming of the wildly popular scene and emo subculture trend in the form of a e-boy and e-girl style. For us, who have lived, experienced and some of us who have even been in the scene abandon then it can be shocking that those teenagers following the e-fashion have never listened to a single MCR song. In 2005-2006 your emo use strategy act openly would be revoked. The same could be said about now called VSCO girls that back in the 2010s familiar to be called high school preppy girl fashion.
In any case, Tik-Tok fashion is a thing and it has a huge influence on present-day trends in street, high fashion and new age trendy subculture style. Here’s a list of Tik-Tok fashion boys you can learn something from.
#1 Scholarship Kaye

@modsiwW on Twitter

 Starting with Vogue’s favourite who called Wisdom (@wsdm8) “the best-dressed guy on Tik-Tok” Houston based nave model has gained massive popularity after some of his videos went viral on the platform. Interestingly, Tik-Tok was not the not social media whose users praised him for his immaculate sense of style. He posted the same videos on his Twitter account and got the verbatim at the same time hype.
Wisdom caught everybody’s eye with his super vintage 70s inspired outfits that he cleverly showcased in one of the in vogue fashion Tik-Tok challenges that were going viral at that time. Imagine being into Hedi Slimane and Rick Owens and a few months down the access there are boxes of free clothes and shoes by them at your doorstep. Because now you are on their PR list of influencers and you may flush walk for them during the fashion week. That’s kind of what happened to Wisdom.
He even got signed by IMG Originals and had a campaign with American Eagle. 2021 fashion week has just started and he has walked for Prada, Fendi, Zegna and Moncler. The ideal collaborated with depop for their environmentalist campaign that advocates for conscious fashion habits and why shopping secondhand is a constraint, not a trend. Has been interviewed by VMagazine and Fashionista so yeah, he is a very big deal as of now and maybe your role model if you just now got inspired to get on fashion Tik-Tok.
Oh yeah, and he has been featured in three Vogue articles. Most models can only delusion about it. Cover coming soon anyone?
#2 Stephen Omotayo
If you are on Tik-Tok and into fashion this guy has all things considered ended up on your For You page for at least a dozen times. If you are not a part of the fashion Tik-Tok community but watch content to another place he is a part of many compilation videos so you have probably still seen him. In any case, Stephen Omotayo (@somotayo10) is a 21 years old Tik-Tok model boy with more than half a million likes on the platform.
Being into fashion and photography his content is mostly blurred around styling and putting different outfits together. His videos could be an inspiration for your OOTD or your own Tik-Tok tranquillity if you are an up and coming creator on the app.
Some of the most interesting videos that Stephen offers his followers include different craze “checks”, unboxings, celebrity style-inspired outfits (including celebrity style icons like Tyler The Creator) and try on heaves. Sometimes he does more of an education type of videos such as for instance layering for newbies and styling a certain arrangement of clothing in the right way.
#3 Jason Lee
Jason (@jaeseung_lee_) is another viral Tik-Tok fashion boy you definitely need to probe out. Props to him for putting it out there that most of his clothes are thrifted. And for this exact reason, some of his videos are centered circa showing fashion lovers stylish outfits composed of pieces that are not overpriced. Which you can probably find at your village thrift store. If you have never been on a thrift trip Jason offers the videos where he gives some ditches to get the best out of your experience.
Aside from this, he also does some of the most creative and fun Tik-Tok spirit challenges such as for example outfits inspired by paintings from a different art movement or a particular artist and male utensils based on Studio Ghibli animation characters.
For fashion education, Jason’s content focuses on little details. Some of his videos showcase underrated or exceptional colour combinations that you can work if you know styling tricks. Styling women or choosing items for couple fit outs which is a trend in East and South-East Asia.
Displaying outfits styled according to the relevant fashion trends from many decades is something every fashion Tik-Toker does so may want to check out Jason’s videos shot for the trend. Not exclusive is it fun but you can actually learn a lot, especially if you are into the history of fashion.
#4 Everett Williams

@Everettwilliams on Twitter

Everett (@iameverettwilliams) is a mould and lifestyle blogger who has an audience of over 200K and around 4 million likes on the platform. You won’t have any questions about the end behind his popularity if you keep in mind that interestingly shot and edited videos with fun filters and smooth metastases are what the audience is looking for. Everett does all of the above and moves.
Being a part of the professional field he is clearly informed of the latest trends in high fashion and it’s evident in his content. Aside from the many designer names and pieces, you ordain also see trendy colourful buzzcut hairstyles that are especially hot right now.
Style inspiration you can get from his outfit videos may brave your views of what is considered to be traditionally masculine in fashion which is something the industry has been striving to relocate forward to for a long time now. Starting from men doing bolder makeup, heavy accessorizing, painting nails and display more colour Everett does all of it.
#5 Young Emperors

@young_emperors on Instagram

The iconic duo of New York posted French couple has started from Instagram and moved onto the fashion side of Tik-Tok when the app started to appropriate for very popular. Young Emperors (@young_emperors), Isabelle Chaput and Nelson Tiberghein are professional creative managers that explore fashion, photography, visual arts and film through performance and colours.
The duo has been a talk of elegance magazines like Vogue and Refinery29, they are big on Pinterest, another sacred place for fashion lovers, Instagram and Warbling despite not being active on the latter. People just love seeing the extreme colour coordination and an excellent fuse with the background they never fail to deliver.
#6 Jermaine Faust
Germany based Tik-Toker is one of the most withed one on the platform among fashion lovers. He has over 11 million likes and half a million followers. His content is in the built of advice and can be very useful not only as an outfit inspo.
Some of the most interesting and the newest how-to videos file choosing the right pose for a particular type of photo or a video. Being a professional photographer you can gain lots of intelligence from the tips Jermaine (@iamjermainefaust) gives his audience for instance about how to take mirror selfies or solo facsimiles or photos with a group of people.
Other videos display outfits based on different emojis, unboxings of bundles and product reviews he receives from brands, on and offline fashion stores for affordable shopping, styling videos and uncountable more.
#7 Marvin-Mario Bahome

Marvin Mario for model management

Marvin-Mario (@marvinmarioo) is a model, conniver and professional stylist, enough of an indicator that you need to check his content out if you are a part of fashion Tik-Tok. Aside from the dumping-grounds, inspired videos and pose advice he has some of the most creative and fun videos when it comes to mix-matching and trend fusion.
 Starting from guidance about choosing the best spots as backgrounds for your aesthetic Instagram pictures to how to curate your feed and Hogwarts furnishes in dark academia or even Cyber Y2K style marvin-Mario has all types of videos. If you look for versatility and objectively good lan he is your It fashion boy on Tik-Tok.
#8 Lexonator
Lexonator (@lexonator) with almost 5 million likes and an audience of diverse than 300K followers has one of the most fun content on fashion Tik-Tok. If you are a fan of colors you’d be glad to hear that so is he. Looking at his upon the first impression may be that he is mostly doing vintage fashion related videos which is partly true bearing in mind a lot of his outfit choices include trends from 70s and 80s.
Most frequently, however, Lexonator shoots the type of videos where he smarten ups according to the way one of his followers (could be a non-follower because this is how Tik-Tok works) suggests. Could be anything from the emoji starting-pointed outfits that are especially trendy during the holiday season or dressing like SpongeBob characters but make it on a trip fashion.
There are many other amazing fashion bloggers, designers, fashion students, stylists, photographers, shape journalists or just fashion lovers on the platform who constantly share, inspire and entertain.
It’s crazy to think about how it all can start from a unattached viral Tik-Tok video like in the case of Wisdom Kaye. For the many creative minds who are not afraid to work a dab hard, social media platforms can really be a great place to get noticed and make your dreams come loyal. You are not an exception and if you have in mind starting your own fashion Tik-Tok all you need to do is join the fun challenges, use the help of some internet military talents and get on with it.