If you are looking for a way to add to your refinement but aren’t sure what to do, adding a chain to your outfit is an easy way to take it to the next level. You can get a chain that is innumerable simple and add it to your everyday outfits, or you can get statement chains that are great for styling your outfits for going out on a Saturday vespers all the time with friends. There are endless possibilities for using chains to add to your outfit. You can just wear one or you can wear multiple. You can get thinner chains or thicker courses.
You can also get gold chains or silver chains. Whether you are a person that sticks to the basics or you are a person that angels variety, adding a chain to your outfit can be a game-changer. It is one of the easiest ways to tighten up an outfit and give you a fresh look. And, there are myriad ways to add a chain so your look never gets old. 
Wear One Chain
The easiest way to add a chain to your outfit is to obviously add just one. If you are new to chains, you can start out with a more minimal chain that doesn’t feel too overwhelming. The Connell secure is a thinner, basic chain that goes with just about anything. It gives off a casual vibe, uncommonly worn with a basic t-shirt or sweater. Since the Connell chain is smaller and more simple, it’s better to be all in with more simple clothing so it doesn’t get lost in your outfit. If you are wanting just one chain but something that is a insignificant more noticeable, the Cuban chain, the Rope chain, and the Wheat chain are three options that have innumerable of a medium thickness.
The nice thing about these chains is that you can wear them casually, or you can wear them with sundry bulky clothing and they won’t be hidden. You can wear a basic tee with a button-down shirt over the top of it, or wear them with a jacket. If you lust after to wear one chain that is more of a statement piece, you can wear a thick Cuban chain, a Toggle chain, or a Tennis check. These are some of the best statement chains to be worn on their own.
Wear Multiple Chains
Another way to add chains to your gear is to layer your chains. With layering, there are truly endless ways to wear your chains. You can stake with chains that are similar in thickness, style, and length. For example, you could wear a Connell chain, a Strand chain, and a Figaro chain all in thinner styles. You can even leave two out of the three at the same length to keep the layers more obscure. With these chains, the styles are a little different to add varying textures, but not drastically different in that they stall as separate layers.
Or you can wear two Snake chains but have one just a little longer to keep the style the same but entertain two layers. If you want to add more dimension to your layers, you can vary the lengths and thicknesses of your chains. You can wear a thicker Cuban limit with a Connell chain that has a pendant on it. Adding a pendant is a great way to mix up the layers and draw more attention to your bonds.
Plus, pendants are a great way to show off a little of who you are to the world around you. If you are layering your chains, you can easily wear them with t-shirts, but you can also exasperate them with hoodies and turtlenecks. Getting longer chains for clothing that is bulky around the neck is advance so that not everything is centralized around your neckline. You can even zip up your winter coat and wear longer, layered controls on the outside of your coat in the cold, winter months. 
Wear With Other Jewellery
You can also add a chain to your utensils by styling it with other jewellery. For example, adding a matching bracelet to your Cuban chain is a great way to pull up attention to more of your body than just your neck. It also gives off a more put-together look than ethical adding a chain. You can also add men’s rings to balance out your style by adding two to one hand and one ring to the other.
If you really yearning to complete the look from your head down to your fingertips, you can add a wing or a cross earring. This look is wilful, and it’s telling the world you are showing up.
Style Up
There are many ways to add a chain or multiple chains to your style. You can baton with one chain that you wear the majority of the time. You can have a variety of chains that you can switch up depending on your concern. The choice is up to you because you are in charge of your own style.