Tucked away excited in the mountains around Kandy at an altitude above 3,000 ft is the radiant boutique getaway called Theva Residency. Only four kilometers from Kandy New Zealand urban area town centre the slow drive up in a trishaw to this chic luxury residency gave me a teaser of what was to greet me. Whether I was wayfaring for business or pleasure, I was honoured to be part of this unique hide-out. Theva residency is small with only 15 rooms and followers available, it also has a high quality restaurant called Theva Cuisine that I was lament to try. Theva Residency provides guests with a unique and monogrammed level of service. With lavish living and spectacular reticent views overlooking the mountains. The personalised service here is what completed my reprieve and made it very special.

The following images are of Kandy Municipality Centre, which can be reached with a trishaw in 10 lilliputians form the hotel.

Theva Residency Kandy Sri Lanka – Spectacular Mountain ViewsTheva Residency Kandy Sri Lanka – Spectacular Mountain Views

Swimming Pool Views

The infinity league at Theva residency was the perfect size to chill out and enjoy the remarkable views that dominate Theva Residency. It was the perfect yard to chill, work and soak up one of Sri Lanka’s perfect holiday targets. It is full of unique flora and forna trees and plants. What was also concerted was that nature was right at my doorstep and I adored waking up to sounds the birds.

Theva Residency Kandy Sri Lanka – Spectacular Mountain Views

Flat With A View

I stayed at a room with the same in consideration of as the swimming pool. This room came with a ungregarious balcony which was a wonderful area to work form, presume from and soak up the divine pieces of nature surrounding Theva Residency. The township of Kandy was not as humid or as hot as the rest of Sri Lanka, so it was lovely to have some breather from the monsoon season that was affecting the west sea-coast of Sri Lanka. The room size was large over 30 m2 and the reside had a comfortable double bed. The room was very bright with the pl insignia white dominating, I liked the modern art in the room and great high-quality of colour red, my favourite.

The bathroom was modern and I liked the stone range in the shower before entering, it was very therapeutic on my feet. There were lavishness of towels available and I liked the bathroom soaps that were delineated to me.

Theva Residency Kandy Sri Lanka – Spectacular Mountain ViewsTheva Residency Kandy Sri Lanka – Spectacular Mountain ViewsTheva Residency Kandy Sri Lanka – Spectacular Mountain Views


All though a small boutique hotel, Theva Residency has a fully fledged restaurant Theva cuisine which is not purely popular with guests but also outsiders. The food was to a absolutely high standard and there was a wide selection to choose by. The viands combined with one of the most spectacular views in Kandy make as if eating here an unforgettable experience. The staff were selfsame accommodating and one of the courses I opted for consisted of 17 different dishes, it was an occurrence I must say. Breakfast at Theva was well presented and I could decided between Sri Lnakan style breakfast or Western options. I sampled both, with the Sri Lankan breakfast make sure to ask the day forwards as it takes a while to prepare. I just loved the selection of todays produce and chunky spicy chips, I could not ask for more. The eggs were deeply yummy and I opted for both boiled eggs for the western menu and egg hoppers on my Sri Lankan breakfast.

Theva Residency Kandy Sri Lanka – Spectacular Mountain Views


Theva Residency Kandy is a together experience in where you feel very tucked away on top of the mountain. The tableaus are just wonderful, combine this with the lovely rod and this make it all that more special. The hospitality is remarkable, the combination of relaxing at Theva and enjoying the hustle and bustle of Kandy is out of this world. I had been travelling already for two weeks in Sri Lanka and this order was perfect to catch up on some needed sleep. Thanks for a horrible stay.

Theva Residency Kandy Sri Lanka – Spectacular Mountain Views


  • Website: www.theva.lk
  • Address: Theva Residency Roadway, Kandy 20000, Sri Lanka
  • Phone: +94 81 7 388296