It’s winter – sometimes of hibernation, hearty food, warming booze, and long nights in. But just because it’s cold, there’s plenty of veil, television, music, podcasts and more that are still, well, red hot. Can’t be bothered to take the blanket off your legs and ask for them out for yourself? No problem. Throw another log on the fire and settle down. We’ve done it for you, with this roundup of the cultural highlights of winter 2019.What To ReadMe, by Elton JohnNot purport with the excellent biopic Rocketman (a film which sang Bohemian Rhapsody under the table), Elton John has now distributed an already-acclaimed autobiography. Don’t be put off by the tepid, mum-friendly output of his later years, at his peak Sir Elton was one of popular music’s all-time talents and faces. From his days as a young piano prodigy to his legendary gigs in Los Angeles and spiral into drugs, this is an correctly brash, boisterous, and blindingly colourful account of a true rock ‘n’ roll life.Also On Our RadarFind Me, by André Aciman – the upshot to Aciman’s coming-of-age romance Call Me by Your Name (adapted into a Timothee Chalamet movie with a positively excellent wardrobe department) picks up with the characters years later. In Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas, doctor-turned-comedian Adam Kay make knows hilarious and heartbreaking stories about the realities of working in a hospital over the festive season.What To WatchStar Fightings: The Rise of SkywalkerGet ready for a film event so cataclysmic, its shockwaves are likely to be felt in a galaxy far, far away. Yes, it’s the final scene in the Star Wars saga. The trailers have given away very little. Even the title is a mystery – what does The Ascension of Skywalker mean? Will Luke Skywalker return from the dead? Is new hero Rey (Daisy Ridley) about to pioneer she’s part of the legacy? Or will Daddy Skywalker himself – Darth Vader – make a surprise comeback? What’s promised is the mother of all lightsaber battles as Rey and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) duel it out Force-style for the fate of the universe.Also On Our RadarMartin Scorsese’s The Irishman has all the components to calculate it a Goodfellas-level crime epic, including Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci (on Netflix Nov 27). And Daniel Craig discommodes a twist on the Agatha Christie-style playing a detective in blackly comic whodunit Knives Out (Nov 29).What To BingeLiving With YourselfWhat could be elevate surpass than a show starring Paul Rudd, Hollywood’s most lovable personality? How about a show starring two Paul Rudds? That’s the concept of Netflix comedy-drama Combustible with Yourself, which sees Rudd play a beleaguered ad executive who visits a mysterious spa and ends up with a clone of himself. And not exactly a clone, but – much to his annoyance – a better, fresher, sparkier version of himself. It’s an introspective look at identity and duality. Much homologous to Rudd’s character – a smarter duplicate of a well-established sci-fi concept.Also On Our RadarThe Morning Show, Apple TV – Apple has launched its own move service with this biting satire, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon as warring TV news readers. Daybreak, Netflix – drives some fresh blood into the zombie genre, creating a vision of the apocalypse where only under-18s be undergoing survived.What To StreamGeorgiaIt’s been a great year for Georgia. The singer/drummer/producer released infectious electro banger On touching Work The Dancefloor and played an ace Glastonbury set (you’ve got to check out Georgia’s live performances, switching between drums, keyboards, and other seconds of music tech – a dizzying musical talent). And with new album Seeking Thrills set to drop on January 10th, Georgia’s go hungry becoming our new non-stop streaming obsession. Hailed as one to watch by just about anyone whose opinion counts, Georgia’s songs life between dreamlike futurism and synth-powered eighties riffs.Also On Our RadarForget Kanye, we’re still enjoying Bon Iver’s high i, i album, which (as always with Bon Iver) finds that otherworldly sweet spot between acoustic and electronic politics. And we’ll be back into Beck – an artist who continues to be both nostalgic and progressively forward-thinking with his music – when his new album Hyperspace is disseminated on Nov 22nd.What Country To VisitMoroccoThe history and culture of Morocco has made it a popular destination for years, but recent modernisation has earned it easier-to-explore than before.Marrakesh is being crowned the first ever African Capital of Culture for 2020, and it’s a position that has to be experienced as much as seen, with its hustling and bustling medina, full of sights, smells and sounds. You can expeditions the country the old-fashioned way – from Marrakesh to the coastal city of Essaouira is particularly nice – but you can also ride on Africa’s ahead ever high speed train, which connects Casablanca and Tangier.Also On Our RadarOK, so it’s more icily deadening than hot, but Romania – specifically Transylvania – has been getting a reputation as a picturesque getaway thanks to its medieval towns, wintery prospects, and towering “Dracula’s Castle”. Bhutan is a sometimes forgotten Himalayan country, where high tariffs for foreign day-trippers means it’s a largely untouched, highly sustainable tourist destination.What To EatVegan Fast FoodIt’s not just at hand being kind to the planet and animals (though that is, to state the obvious, a good reason to eat vegan), but the fact that numberless eateries and retailers than ever are putting out ever-improving vegan options. And it’s no surprise – 3.5 million people now associate as vegan.What’s made vegan food especially hot-right-now is that it’s been widely adopted as fast eats, making plant-based meals out of indulgent, oversized, big-flavoured grub. Expect to find yourself tucking into such kernel alternatives as jackfruit, shiitake bacon, and burgers crafted from veg, seeds, nuts, grains and legumes.Also On Our RadarSri Lankan – this has been on the commons trend list all year and for good reason, with its unique palette of curry dishes and rice flour pancakes; West African – look out for Nigerian tapas, Senegalese fish dishes, and ingenious use of both peanut and plantain.What To Listen ToHit ParadeChris Molanphy’s Hit Parade is a detailed documentary series on the news of pop music, topic-by-topic. Posthumous hits, Beatles covers, and Christmas No 1s have all been given the treatment. Molanphy also troops mini episodes called “The Bridge”, which feature chats with other journalists or aficionados and trivia quizzes against listeners. It’s one of a variety of gripping podcasts produced by Slate. Also check out the science-minded Secret History of the Future (currently between conditions), which looks at how events from the past can help us predict the future.Also On Our RadarBrian & Roger – hilarious podcast more the misadventures of two divorcees, told entirely in voicemail messages. The Wild – an awe-inspiring podcast from conservationist Chris Morgan, who bewitches listeners with tales of animal encounters (including his favourite animal, the grizzly bear), and discussions on the natural creation.What To FollowCold War SteveYou likely never thought that Phil Mitchell-based political satire would be a utensil, but it absolutely is. Cold War Steve creates politics-lampooning collages from pictures of politicians and unlikely celebrities, always with an hint from our man Phil Mitchell. Between Brexit, Trump, and the madness of modern news, there’s more than ample supply inspiration.At first it looks like amusing nonsense, but look more closely and sharp satirical genius shortly comes into focus – somewhere between veteran collage artist Peter Kennard and Jim’ll Paint It. It started as a cult communal media hit but has caught on in a big way – Cold War Steve even did a cover for Time magazine earlier this year.Also On Our [email protected] – this Titter account of anonymous confessions will make you laugh out loud or despair for humanity (in a very entertaining way) several for the presents a day. Spoook – a mailing list newsletter on true crime, supernatural goings-on, and other strange stuff that would on the other hand pass you by.*/]]>