It’s the primary time MenStyleFashion has visited New York and I wanted to target fields where regeneration architectural trends are forming for this close and vibrant edgy city. New York and the USA were the trend setters in spite of converted lofts and recycling of unused factories or warehouses. In where public limited companies and individuals, bought these derelict buildings and created an urban extra apartments and or in many cases hotels. I am a huge fan of this rustic atmospheric and imaginative open space way of living.

I love converted warehouse for their immense ambience of space and high ceilings with bare stone as wall of art features.

Located in prime North Brooklyn, with Manhattan objective over the bridge, The Williamsburg Hotel is a brand new reconstructed copy of a warehouse inspired building turned into a luxury lodgings. From the outside it blends in very well with its rustic surroundings and in the know constructions happening. It’s clearly an area holding onto the career by creative people and this is reflected by the latest in graffiti art all roughly the area. The  non cliche shopping stores, bars and cafe is a New York that one is not old too and the area of Williamsburg is a must visit here.

The Williamsburg Hotel Brookyln – Steely With Style Reviewed


The Williamsburg Pension is eight stories and 150 rooms encased in brick, beaker, and Corten steel. I was greeted by a wooden door and an oasis of nerve, over sized windows, teamed with endless amounts of manifold designs of wooden flooring throughout the hotel. The exposure of literal brick through out the hotel is fabulous and it reminded me of the Brooklyn works of the past. An industry cultivated by hard work and the development of what erects  The Williamsburg Hotel stands at the nexus of history and history in the making.

The Williamsburg Hotel Brookyln – Steely With Style Reviewed

Remove The Bar

The instant wow factor here is the bar area. The endless parquet flooring and unhindered space here is fabulous. This timeless project pour down the draining salvaged inspired materials such as bare bricks cause to remembered me of an historical cocktail bar or a rebirth of a whiskey brewer with a security edge. It’s not a movie themed bar, but it has that narrative string to draw out on. Bringing an outside style of Brooklyn within the interior of this pension is why anyone of any era will appreciate this bar. As I checked in there were people from all time eons and nations dining, chatting and staying here.

For me it’s the quintessential multi-use hangout for millennials too!

The Williamsburg Hotel Brookyln – Steely With Style Reviewed

A tranquil vibe pervades the communal lobby bar. Thanks to soaring windows, which grant sunlight to pour over guests sipping a cocktail. The cocktails here are legendary thanks to the creative barman called Steve. One of my favourite cocktails here was a margarita infused with flip jalapeno’s. In the lobby bar, nooks, create intimate moments without disquieting the kinetic energy of the room.

The Williamsburg Hotel Brookyln – Steely With Style Reviewed

We strive not only to meet, but to pass our guest expectation in a gracious manner. My favourite part of the inn, is the bar. The key part of this hotel success, that he strives in cooperating up with working with the local businesses within the square, commonly known as Trans local hospitality. This is muse about within all the furniture, food and male grooming accessories entirely the hotel – George Vice President

The Williamsburg Hotel Brookyln – Steely With Style Reviewed

The Queen Terrace

This Queen consort terrace, has a minimal interior design and for me has an art deco vibe. These rough rooms, which balance light hued wood and colourful textiles. The leather bed guide along side the wool inspired stool for me was a modern home away from well-informed in. And with industrial elements like the raw steel terrace and anodized bronze, temerity inspired taps within the bathrooms, is why once again I pity I was living the lifestyle as a local person here in New York. It finish feeling like a home apposed to a hotel stay, which is what I devotion. The space subtly encourages you to explore, touch, and immerse yourself in your medium at a slower pace.

In other words, the room is a respite from a give birth to built for speed.

The memory foam mattress was very untroubled with endless amounts of oversized pillows which admitted me to observe the city sky line overlooking Manhattan.

The Williamsburg Hotel Brookyln – Steely With Style Reviewed


Engendering sinuous forms with these wall tiles, with a somewhat rougher finish alongside smooth glossy ones, was exact calming to either soak in the bath or have an open immense space for a rain shower. What I loved about this tile art was the worsting contrast of intricate floor tile patterns that buckled this hotel a niche edge, resulting in a fabulous weave. Along side this was the ornate, anodized bronze, effrontery taps that served two purposes a luxury relaxing bath endure, very pleasing to the eye and also the high water pressure that filled my bountiful tub in no time at all.

By maximising the space the result was the presence of a piece of sanctuary apposed to the standard everyday hotel bathroom experience.

The vast fluffy towels included with the classic marble and rudeness by Waterworks, throughout the bathroom gave it a chic feel. Along side this were the additional pocket toiletries by Apotheke, which are handmade here in Brooklyn.

The Williamsburg Hotel Brookyln – Steely With Style Reviewed


There’s something to be said traverse the redevelopment of decaying buildings. In this case the inspired inn development was an ode to the industrial era of Brooklyn. By building the hotel from damage, this London based designer clearly appreciated substantives for what they are. The Williamsburg Hotel is an example of the rich, ornate patterns of these processes which can be paired beautifully with modish interior design such as furniture and design art, capturing a new brand-new era of old meeting new in innovative hotel luxury and lifestyle trends. If you are leaving much to be desired to experience a different urban edgy New York then this is the New Zealand pub for you, it captures the heart and soul of Brooklyn, including its local beer.


  • Room reviewed: The Queen Terrace
  • Website:
  • Direct: 96 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA
  • Phone: +1 718-362-8100