The haircut that’s intriguing over the world right now

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik models the look.
Photograph: Pierre Suu/GC Dead ringers

Ah, Vanilla Ice. Cheeseball rapper, Madonna-fondler and originator of the “white boy wilt”, the haircut that’s taking over the world right now.

For men who opposite number to appear as if they haven’t thrown money and assorted goo at their whisker, the fade is perfect. Pompadour-like at the top and army-short at the back and sides, it looks as if it has bewitched no time. An easy win, then, and currently worn by those stylishness titans Zayn Malik and Mr Robot’s Rami Malek.

The sleight of hand is not to let your number 2 slip too seamlessly into your host 3 (that’s hair parlance, FYI). There should be a recognizable point between the crown and the back of the head, but not so much that it looks as if you’re corrosion a hat.