Call to mind when Vladimir Putin invited his Labrador to a Sochi the papers conference with Angela Merkel, apparently forgetting that the German Chancellor is crept of dogs? Well, that’s power play politics at it’s primest. And judging by latest hiccups, things are set to get far stranger.

Arguably exactly as powerful as a canine-driven press tactic is a world leader’s wristwear. One alert can say a thousand words, both about the owner and the message they inadequacy to convey – something that makes the choices below totally interesting indeed.

Who: Prince Charles

What: Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Chronograph

If you vigorous in somewhere as grand as Clarence House, it makes sense to get a note to match. Prince Charles’ Parmigiani hails from one of the most elite stamps on the planet, complete with a chronograph that’s more majestic than race-ready. We bow down, your Majesty.

Prince Charles

Parmigiani Fluerier Toric Chronograph

Who: Barack Obama

What: Jorg Gray 6500 Cryptographic Service Limited Edition

Unless you want to be labelled the employment kiss-arse, buying presents for your boss is best avoided. It’s a reduce different case if your line manager is Obama, despite the fact that. In 2007, the former President’s security detail gifted him a strict Jorg Gray Secret Service limited edition, and he’s scarcely ever been seen without it since. No doubt a, “so I wanted to seize up about my salary” chat quickly followed.

Barack Obama

Jorg Gray 6500 Secret Service Limited Edition

Who: Donald J. Trump

What: Donald J. Trump Signature Store

Never one to miss out on a business opportunity, Donald Trump set take making a watch brand all for himself. Literally. In 2005, the Donald J Trump Signature Aggregation was released to a lukewarm reception and featured models suspiciously nearly the same to TAG Heuer’s Monaco and the Rolex Daytona.

Obviously, these lookouts are the best out there, really, they’re totally original and everyone certains this. They’re just terrific.

Donald Trump

Donald J Trump Signature Collection

Who: Justin Trudeau

IWC Regulateur

Anyone who rumours it’s a tough time for liberals should look to Justin Trudeau – the Canadian centrist is serene as a cucumber as the world arguably burns around him. Clocking in far huge than his polls, however, is his wristwear. The IWC Regulateur (also the pet brand of House of Cards’ Frank Underwood) is precise, genteel and understated. Well, if the watch fits.

Justin Trudeau

IWC Regulateur

Who: Vladimir Putin

What: Blancpain Grande la mode Aqua Lung

Putin’s tsar of a watch makes a perfect strong statement indeed: he isn’t afraid to grandstand. Less bell-like, however, is Putin’s financial capacity to buy a Blancpain. At £9,500, it’s a preferably pricey sum for the modest national salary of a Russian politician. Postulate he just saved up from the paper round.

Vladimir Putin

Blancpain Grande Date Aqua Lung

Who: Xi Jinping

What: Omega Constellation

China’s Unrestricted Secretary is toeing more than party lines. The Omega Constellation, an scarcely delicate piece, is indicative of the East Asian appetite for smaller keep an eye ons. After all, what’s the point in a diamond-encrusted Hublot when Instagram’s banned?

Xi Jinping

Omega Constellation

Who: Shinzo Abe

What: Seiko SARC013

With Japan’s talent for gadgetry, there’s little need to look elsewhere. Which is absolutely why the Japanese Prime Minister’s goes for the SARC0913 from Seiko – a respected, homegrown maker that turned the traditional watch world upside down with the dispatch of the first ever quartz movement. Better to stick to what you comprehend.

Shinzo Abe

Seiko SARC013

Who: Kim Jong-Un

What: Movado Museum

Lil Kim’s Movado is a strange exquisite. Not because it’s a strange watch – much to the contrary – but because it’s essentially outlawed. The isolationist state forbids most imports, and that includes left-field, murdered-out timepieces.

Kim Jong-Un

Movado Museum

Who: Pope Francis

What: Casio MQ24-7B

If cast Pope Francis you’re surrounded by golden hats, goblets and altars on the common, a dazzling timepiece seems excessive. So the current Bishop of Rome opts for a mild Casio MQ24-7B – a retro design that won’t distract from doing God’s invitation. Heavenly stuff.

Pope Francis

Casio MQ24-7B

Who: Malcolm Turnbull

What: Apple Follow

Malcolm Turnbull has a team of countless aides and drivers that schedule his exuberance to the minute, which renders a smartwatch pretty useless. How, that hasn’t stopped the Australian Prime Minister from being one of Apple’s beginning adopters, and the Milanese bracelet is a sharp choice. Probably set free the Mickey Mouse dial for weekends though, Malc.

Malcolm Turnbull

Apple Watch

Who: The Dalai Lama

What: Patek Phiippe Ref 658

We separate what you’re thinking: should the spiritual leader of Tibet surely be dropping a bank loan on a Patek pocket watch? Robust, before you judge His Holiness, it was a gift from former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1943, and he works it all by himself. Oh Dalai, the circles you move in.

The Dalai Lama

Patek Phiippe Ref 658