Friday, August 20, was Men’s Grooming Day – a unbroken day dedicated to encouraging men to proactively manage their appearance and spruce up their grooming practices. In light of this, the titivating experts at Wilkinson Sword have compiled a list of the most searched for male fragrances in 2021, so far. 
1. Dior, Sauvage – 41,200 monthly searches

The most standard men’s fragrance in 2021, is Dior Sauvage. The product has been a favourite amongst men, since launching in 2015. The fresh spoor is inspired by wide-open spaces and oriental tones, amongst a wild, blue-tinged night sky. This is reflective in the sleek draw of the bottle.
Sauvage is inspired by powerful and noble compositions. It boasts notes of Mandarin, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood, borrowing it an excellent choice for all seasons. What’s more, is that Sauvage stays with you for the long run and will easily concluding all day.