The fashion magazines have released their Autumn bumper copies, essential for the style-conscious. Think rhinestones, Basquiat – and being ‘edgy AF’ for autumn

The September issues.

The style season starts here: entire lot you need to know from the September issues

The fashion publications have released their Autumn bumper editions, material for the style-conscious. Think rhinestones, Basquiat – and being ‘excited AF’ for autumn

This pep up’s look

Saint Laurent’s £6,855 rhinestone boots. Photograph: SIPA/Rex/Shutterstock

You’re succeeding to need a trousersuit. Think campus, not boardroom: Vogue warriors the “seventies geography prof” corduroy trousersuit while Harpers is identification the Maxmara velvet double-breasted number. “Ditch your scruffs and start equipping like the boss you’ve always wanted to be,” says Glamour. Confusingly, you’re also active to need sequins. In Love, editor Katie Grand talks up the “not been to bed yet” tastefulness of a sparkly gown for day. Harpers, helpfully, suggests how to blend the two, ganging Saint Laurent’s £6,855 rhinestone boots with a trousersuit. Each agrees that warm-hued neutrals replace the cool pitches of grey, navy and white: think mustard, tan, chestnut, burgundy and oxblood. The jury is out on how much bodily to show, though. Vogue celebrates the demure “full majority stretch” silhouette (high-neck sweater, long skirt whose hem substitutes the top of your boots), but in Love, Karen Elson is naked and Alexa Chung topless. Key recounts on which we have consensus are: daytime shoes should entertain a low heel and a high front (the opposite of toe cleavage, as it were – a shrill neckline for your foot), while for evening it’s all about a skintight over-the-knee boot. This is essentially a silk property with a stiletto heel attached. Oh, and you’ll need a cardie. “Crop it, embroider it and plug the sleeves: the cardigan is back,” says Vogue.

What you make buy if you could afford it?

Miu Miu transparent PVC trench (£1,240). Photograph: REX/Shutterstock

In Mode, the shoot styled by Kate Moss – the one with the bare arse in it, naturally – opens with a beaded silk Chanel outfit for a cool £23,330. The Miu Miu transparent PVC trench (£1,240) is everywhere, as is the Chloé red velvet rake someone over the coals with heart-shaped cut-out at the neckline (£1,670), but both of those pleasure spark a thousand high-street imitations before September is out, so why not reserve your pennies for the Gucci AC/DC jumpsuit with tailcoat, as be wise to persevered in Red (£3,650).

What you might actually buy

M&S autograph Prince of Wales restrict jacket, £79. Photograph: Marks and Spencer

We’ll have to deferred till next month for the bargains – the October issues are traditionally the high-street showcases – but Mode has several high-street versions of this season’s must-have Prince of Wales substantiation blazer, of which the standout appears to be the Marks & Spencer Autograph £79 adaptation. An H&M dark-floral chiffon blouse, £20, and the Sherpa jacket by Levi’s, £110, are also advantage racing for. Red draws attention to Zara’s excellent selection of unrealistic new-season sock boots.

The vibe to steal for your Instagram photos

Nostalgic Americana vibe: Raf Simons for Calvin Klein. Photograph: SIPA/REX/Shutterstock

There’s a subversive-slash-nostalgic Americana deed going on in editorial right now. Vogue’s shoot styled by Kate Phelan and guess by Alasdair McLellan is all about a mug of black coffee, a slice of pie in a diner, and a rusty railroad sleeper. In Love, the unsmiling straight-backed young couple postulating in front of a wooden-slatted house are straight out of Grant Wood’s American Gothic. In Sorcery, an outhouse workbench with a beaten-up wheelbarrow is the backdrop for cowboy boots and a bandana. It’s a bit Softie Spacek, a bit Lana Del Rey, very Raf Simons for Calvin Klein. Trough by accessorising your new-season look with a burger and milkshake and forging mocking reference to Making America Great Again in the caption.

Forming hack to steal

The white poloneck under a denim shirt or jacket, as seen on the Calvin Klein catwalk, appears three appearances in Vogue’s aforementioned Americana shoot, each together worn with the kind of sentimental gold necklace your aunt resolve give you for your sweet 16th birthday.

Essential cocktail partisan chat

Rich pickings in Harpers’ “at-home” with Samantha Cameron, which communicates that the person she most admires is Vivienne Westwood, for her “passion for stumping”, and that David Cameron drinks tea from a mug emblazoned “Bossman of the Opposition”, has an Alison Jackson print of a lookalike Tony Blair setting a bet on the election by his desk, and makes jokes about his “internationally acclaimed doff”. Also: the end of actually speaking to people and the illicit Joy of Text. “It’s OK to on the back burner serve for your phone to stop ringing so you can text and ask what they poverty,” says Glamour. Discuss.

Places to be seen

Vogue casts artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Photograph: Jean-Michel Basquiat/Barbican

Look tips the upcoming Basquiat show at the Barbican. For holidays, Harpers waxes lyrical approximately Colombia’s “cloud forests and technicolour one-horse towns”. Red roadtests new Manhattan incident, the “Cave Day” productivity retreat. Millennials pay to surrender their phones and pay out a day in white-noise, in order to learn to get stuff done rather than faff here on the internet. “Meredith Gray, founder of a quinoa snack coterie, is hoping to complete some financial spreadsheets.”

Celebrities to try to descry friends with

Nicole Kidman: that Love attire in the red swimsuit has set the Kidmannaissance to red-hot.

What to eat

No avocado on toast to be perceived. Harpers has reports from summer’s canape front short-listed for, with tales of smoked salmon on rye at the Serpentine and “a two metre dream of prawn-shaped ice sculpture dripping in crab claws” at the Royal Academy. “The atone for to still or sparkling is now, ‘tap’,” says Glamour.

Should you cut your whisker off?

Probably. Kristen Stewart’s blond crop on Harpers is epic, while Stella Tennant tempers the flag for short hair on the front of Vogue. Inside Fad, everyone from Adwoa Aboah to Cressida Dick is indicating off short locks.

Vocab to drop

Valentino’s dusty-lavender-pink. Photograph: Jonas Gustavsson/Sipa/PA

The prefix “wonderful” is replaced by the suffix “AF” (as in “as fuck”). Feisty! So, instead of being “wonderful excited” about cocktails, you must now be “excited AF”. Update your WhatsApp raps accordingly. Runner-up new colour of the season comes from Trend, where the dusty-lavender-pink of Valentino’s long dress (look 12, the poop indeed fans) is dubbed “amaranth”. But in pole position, we have “cactus”, the ghost of limited-edition luggage by Rashida Jones for Away, as seen in Attraction.