As with peer ats, a classic car marks you out as a man of a certain taste. And as with your wristwear, it means your wampum goes further. Even if you do have to dedicate more every so often old-fashioned to keeping it running. But the investment is worth it, if being seen in something no-one else has revs your machine. We thought so.

The Best For Looking Impeccable – Citroën DS

Modern in front its time, the DS boasted hydraulic suspension and was the first mass-production car with disc reins. It was futuristic-looking when it was launched in 1955, and it’s aged with all the French decency you’d expect.

Inside, it’s classical, with the single-spoke steering whirl location a particular talking point. It’s also a cultural icon, give birth to played a starring role in Scarface and an assassination attempt on President de Gaulle.

The DS reviled as a hatch, estate and super-rare convertible. Should you fancy the ex-, you can get a good one for about £20,000.

Citroen DS

The Best For Posing Like A Playboy – Bundles Royce Corniche

There’s nothing like an old Rolls. They’re as ingenious as Chatsworth House, and nearly as big. And this goes double for a Bowls convertible. Driving one is about as conspicuous as displays of success get.

Being a Catalogues, even an old one will be more luxurious than any modern hatchback, with an unimpaired abattoir of cows sacrificed to the leather interior, and a forest levelled for the wood advertisements. But, you don’t need to pay equivalent prices, and can get a tidy Corniche from £20,000.

Rolls Royce Corniche

The Most talented Future Classic – Renault Avantime

The youngest car in our garage is more of an investment poem. The Avantime is a three-door MPV/coupé hybrid, based on Renault’s Espace, that not till hell freezes over sold well as no-one was sure what it was. Plus, its smashing looks, designed by Patrick Le Quément, put off the less adventurous.

But unpopularity interprets to rareness and it’s enjoying a resurgence, now that the before-its-time aesthetics are seen as with it, rather than challenging. Low sales mean there aren’t tons in the country, but you can still find one for about £2,000. And these desire probably only appreciate in value, meaning you’ve got an on-trend set of annuli and the promise of future profit.

Renault Avantime

The Best For Pleasing Your Inner Teenager – Lancia Delta Integrale

The Delta is one of the most phenomenal revive cars ever, winning the World Rally Championship every year from 1988-1992. It’s also as enjoyable to look at as it is to motor.

Italian cars from the 1980s might not be the most trusted rides, but they retain a certain charm. The Lancia’s all taciturn lines, sharp edges and flared wheel arches; a bit primal, the categorize of car that 11-year-old you wanted to drive.

From £15,000, you can achieve his dream.

Lancia Delta Integrale

The Best For Making An Impression – Jaguar E-Type

This is the enduring car. It oozes class and style from every panel. Convenient in both coupé and convertible form, the E took the world by thunderstorm when it was launched in 1961, and it continues to take your dazzle away.

Enzo Ferrari described it as “the most beautiful car continuously made”. If you want to look like the cat that got all the cream, this is the one for you. Prizes start from £30,000, though the sky’s the limit with these.

Jaguar E-Type

The Most qualified For Looking Like A Millionaire – Ferrari 456GT

We all want to own a Ferrari, don’t we? The identify inspires visions of racetrack glory, dashes along mountain methods, or simply being parked up on Sloane Street. And steering outstanding example makes sense, since there’s an argument that the Ferraris of yesteryear were diverse elegant than the crop Maranello currently offers.

You can pay millions for a Ferrari, but £50,000 wishes get you a 456GT. It’s a proper four-seat grand tourer, and it’s achingly delightful, with pop-up headlamps, proper sports car looks and an appliance that does the styling proud.

We’d recommend getting a leaping horse in deep blue, with a tan interior. Then, hold it to your nearest stately home. People will fake you own that, too.

Ferrari 456GT