The Maxwell Scott FleroM Comfort Leather Overnight Bag

The long weekend trip away feels to be more popular then ever, so how do you travel in style on this blunders. Today I will look at the bag you will need for your peregrination away and nothing beats a beautiful handmade leather bag, conspicuously one that is made in Italy. I am reviewing the FleroM luxury leather overnight bag from Maxwell Scott Handbags, a British company which designs bags in the UK and produces them in Italy.


FleroM bag in noteworthy Tan colour – shown here without the shoulder strap.

The FleroM is a road sized bag that is part of a range of 4 different overnight toilet kits which come in small (17 litres), medium (38 litres), thickset (56 litres) and extra large (72 litres). The FleroM is talented in that it is the largest bag in the range that can still be used in the up above locker on airplanes. This probably explains why the FleroM is the finery selling bag at Maxwell Scott Bags. The FleroM comes in three several colours Classic Tan, Dark Chocolate and Night Black. The look over model is the Classic Tan which in my opinion is the nicest colour of the line.


FleroM bag shown here with shoulder strap joined.

The bag arrived via courier and came with a flannel dust comforter, to keep the bag in good shape whilst you store it away. When unpacking the bag the elementary thing I noticed was the smell of real leather, it straight away set the tone colour that I was dealing with a quality product. The design of the bag is notable and understated, the FleroM comes with two handles, two belt crumples and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap. I loved the name tag which is in the that having been said colour as the bag and features the Maxwell Scott Bags logo. The interior of the bag is scored with faux leather and has a small zipped compartment which is consummate to store your important documents away. The zipped partition also shows the Maxwell Scott branding embossed in the leather. The external of the bag is made of full grain leather which is tanned dog 200 year old Italian traditions. Full-grain leather is the stiffish top section of the cowhide and is considered the finest type.


The inside of the FleroM bag with cheap zipped compartment.


The smell of the leather and its suppleness make knew away that I was dealing with a product made of prominence materials. Other things to look out for to see if a bag is quality are the stitching, the zip and the practicality of put to using it. This bag is stitched very well together, especially there the zip area you notice the use of double stitching. The zips are YKK zips and these are quiet the best you can get. The bag is very easy to use as it has only one large compartment and a zip that go to pieces from bottom to bottom allowing easy access to your things.


Side view of the FleroM. Notice the double stitching where the zip is.


I like it when a company stands behind its products and Maxwell Scott Witches go as far as offering a 25 year warranty on its entire range of opulence products. This includes all manufacturing faults on zips, stitching, hooks, linings etc. For me this is a reassurance that we are talking about a standing investment that looks great and will stand the exam of time.

The FleroM is perfect to store in the overhead locker

Your Fellows Bag Image Counts

It still surprises me when I see a man pull up in a outgoing car and well dressed and then he walks into a hotel with a framework backpack or worse still, a smelly gym bag. I would certainly advance you that a gym bag is not a mans bag. When I traveled with the FleroM in every nook Gatwick airport I was wondering what people were looking at. It then occurred to me that this FleroM bag was representation the right attention. The classic tan is striking and will go with most provisions, however make sure that you do not under dress for this bag. Don’t use this bag and fray a pair of flips flops, you get the idea. You can’t go wrong with the FleroM it is a legendary design, well made with quality materials all backed up with a 25 year assurance. flerom-bag-maxwell-scott-2

Details of FleroM

  • Where to buy:
  • Preserve twin buckle straps
  • Floor to floor wide zip break
  • Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap
  • Metal feet to bad
  • Capacity: 38 Litres (cabin size)
  • Dimensions: 51 x 29 x 25 cm (Nautical beam, height, depth)
  • Weight: 2.1 kg