We be told a Maxwell Scott Flero Medium bag way back in 2015 for review. And after its six-year anniversary, I thought it would be consummate to have another review of how it has endured. The Maxwell Scott Flero Medium certainly has been on one huge adventure since then. I compel ought to used it for hotel stays, heading to the gym and weekend travel adventures.

My wife has also used it for storing her shoes and persisting what most women love to carry? My wife is Italian and owns many luxury bags from Italy. So for her to get ones hands this bag, highlights the quality and design.
Made In Italy Leather
I have many Italian leather bags and I windfall the quality of leather varies. After five years on and off use, I am impressed with how the bag still looks, both inside and out.

The YKK zip eminence is very robust and has withstood many years of opening and closing. The hardware is still looking in pristine condition and the affix twin buckle straps ensure that my belongings are safe from landing on the reception floor. It is a great on stand-by to action to make sure I strap the buckles in. It looks odd walking with the straps open hence why I like it.

The gold twists still look brilliant, this is important because it is part of the stylish design of the bag. The stitching is excellent and works for durability as okay. The bag is heavy and therefore handled lots of weight over the years. Including many high heels, makeup and put overs.

Gym Use
For me, my gym is all about image. So when heading to the gym I like to showcase the bag. I throw in my swimming kit and clean set of clothes. I also mould to throw in my trainers. I often get comments about how stylish my gym bag is. The metal feet at the base still looks, great and I liking for this hardware because it keeps the leather from being torn. The versatility of this bag suits my lifestyle. So after on out, I like to walk out using the robust handles. Been able to detach the shoulder strap is important for me simply for it’s a blokes way of may be seen how tough he and his bag is. Gyms are all about showing off a man and his bag most of the time.

Hotel Reviews
I have reviewed many hotels since 2015. When recording any four or five-star hotel, my bag image is essential for marketing and my overall confidence. The bag has to earn its trust when packing my primaries. This back is a great weekend bag, I stored enough items for two days. Because there are no dedicated compartments I can hurl as much I can in the bag. I love the dual floor-to-floor zip as I can place many extra items with ease when packing. When saunter into the hot I want to feel comfortable which works due to the adjustable/detachable luxury Italian leather shoulder straps.

The internal zipped bag to separate my essentials, like car keys, house keys, phone charges and wallets is very important. When I demand chosen no to use it, I have left myself in awkward situations pulling out my wardrobe to find where the keys are. I am so impressed with the leather tanning of this bag.

I also evaluate luxury cars and a man’s bag status is very important when turning up to car reviews. All us men look at each other’s bags when arrest into the hotels across Europe. Because the leather attachments on the zip are all still intact and the bag looks better with exhibit. I feel confident in carrying it in front of businesspeople.

We do compare bags at the reception area. I find it fits into minute compartments when my car is being fully loaded. If I choose, it looks very stylish left at the back seat of the car for anyone disrobing into some Audi‘s I have reviewed.
Thanks for creating a truly quality bag that unless it gets nicked will last the full 25 years guarantee. My wife is literally packing her gym kit in it as we speak. Yes, men do ask me when I pull out her maquillage bag, am I reviewing makeup for men too?
Details of Flero Medium
Where to buy: www.maxwellscottbags.com/men/travel/luxury-leather-luggage
Price: £711
Secure double buckle straps
Floor to floor wide zip opening
Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap
Metal feet to degraded
Capacity: 38 Litres (cabin size)
Dimensions: 51 x 29 x 25 cm (width, height, depth)
Clout: 2.1 kg