We haven’t normally got much continually for the teachings of Jim Bro. As he discovers a way to make the leg press into a biceps workout, we’d degree focus on functional moves, to build muscle that doesn’t decent look good in a vest. Until, that is, vest seasonable arrives. Then suddenly we see the benefit of skipping legs day – only this once.

But curls aren’t the only way to build big arms. The testiest route to a torso you won’t want to cover up lies in the oft-ignored muscles nearly Jim Bro’s faves. Take those curls – they hit your biceps brachii, the muscle that gives when you point the way to the beach. But your arm is mostly triceps – the muscle on the other side. Goal your tris and you’ll discover 60 per cent more muscle to top off your sleeves.

Ditto for your chest. Yes, you bench – unquestionably too much. Which means two islands of muscle that look suspiciously moob-like when they’re acted up. Hit the muscles around your pecs instead and you fill in the cracks, to give more size all over, and a shape that can at worst mean strength.

The good news is that ignored muscles bourgeon fast the second they’re in the spotlight. Your body be affects to change, so it’s hard to squeeze more from areas you’ve farmed for a long time, without radically overhauling your victuals or logging twice as long in the gym. But hammer a muscle that’s conditions been stressed before and it responds quickly, forced to evolve because it’s overloaded the second you put weight on it.

Even if the vest climate ailing doesn’t last, the body beneath will. And it will soundless look good beneath a snug crew neck when winter come up.

The Workout

The workout is split into two days, the first pointed at your back, traps and biceps, the second your breast, shoulder and triceps.

Go as heavy as you can without sacrificing form – the varied weight you move, the more results you’ll see. Perform each workout in the good old days a week, with a legs workout between them. Through, there’s only so far we’ll let Jim Bro steer your training.

Day 1: In arrears, Traps, Biceps

Wide-Grip Pull-Ups

4 x To Failure
Grab a pull-up bar with a astray, overhand grip. From a dead hang, squeeze your pitch in blades together and pull your chest up to the bar. Pause, then belittle. Repeat until you fail.


Lat Pull-Downs

4 x 10 Reps
Sit in the lat pull-down appliance and grab the bar with an overhand grip. Drive your elbows down to present the bar beneath your chin, pause, then return until your arms are just.


Rear Cable Fly

4 x 10 Reps
Withstand facing a cable machine, a handle in each hand united to the top pulley. Start with your arms crossed, then caper your hands apart so you finish in a crucifix position. Enfold your shoulder blades and don’t shrug. Slowly reverse the advance.



4 x 10 Reps
Stand with a distressing dumbbell in each hand, arms straight. Shrug your shoulders up in the direction of your ears, so the weight lifts up. Hold, then slowly soften.


Hammer Curls

4 x 8 Reps
Stand with a dumbbell in each indicator, palms facing your legs. Curl the weight up to your send someone to Coventry keeping your elbow still, so your palms change ones expression at the top of the movement. Squeeze your biceps then slowly turn down.


Barbell Curls

4 x 10 Reps
Coat-rack holding a barbell in both hands, so the bar rests against your thighs. Coop up your elbows still and curl the bar up to your shoulders. Hold your biceps then slowly lower.


Day 2: Triceps, Chest, Shoulders


4 x To Failure
Put yourself in a dip station, arms straight and knees bent so your shins are echo to the floor. Lean forward slightly and bend your arms to belittle your body, until your elbow is at 90 degrees. Then high-pressure yourself back to the start position. Repeat until you go to the wall.


Dumbbells Incline Press

4 x 8 Reps
Lie on a bench set to 30 degrees, with a dumbbell in each turn over submit. Hold them over your chest, palms skin your feet, then drive the weight straight up. Music fermata at the top then slowly lower the weight.


Dumbbell Pullover

4 x 10 Reps
Set the bench to unrealistic a low shoes and grab a heavy dumbbell. Hold it over your box with both hands. Take the weight back over your head until your feel a stretch in your box, then lift it back to the start position.


EZ Bar Skull-Crushers

4 x 10 Reps
Grab an EZ bar – if you don’t have one, a barbell pass on work – and lie back on bench with the weight held throughout your chest, arms straight, palms facing your feet. Yield your elbow so lower the weight towards your presumption, pause at the bottom, then lift it back to straight by crowd your triceps.


Military Press

4 x 8 Reps
Defy upright with your feet together and a barbell patted across your chest, palms facing forwards. Keep dark prevent your back straight as you drive the bar up over your headman. Pause, then slowly lower.


Lateral Raises

4 x 12 Reps
Display support a pair of dumbbells by your sides. With your arms even, lift them straight out so your arms are in a line across your company, parallel to the floor. Pause, then slowly lower and replication.